Lewd (but not according to MangaDex) 

"Looking Up to Magical Girls" has a content rating of "suggestive" on MangaDex. Apparently all this means is that they don't show pubic hair, the actual slit, butt holes, nipples, or penises. Anything else is fine, including BDSM with schoolgirls.

Not at all lewd 

My pocket monster. Let me show you it.

when you need to confirm you're not a robot โœ”๏ธ ๐Ÿšซ ๐Ÿค–

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Ethan Klein got one week YouTube suspension for uttering a terrorist threat. I was suspended for a month for saying the WHOโ€™s protection measures did not go far enough. One of those things is not like the other.

Ecchi gender swap manga recommendation 

Nyotai-ka: Salaryman who doesn't have much luck with the ladies tries his hand at catfishing, and after having a lot of fun at it idly wishes he was a woman. Which is apparently a dangerous (or awesome) thing to do in Japan. Goddess overhears him, grants wish, hijinx ensue. Recommended for those who, like me, fantasize about being a Japanese salaryman.

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No. Fuck this. Go to people's homes. Go to their places of worship. Make them as uncomfortable as they are trying to make you. This is not the time for civility, this is the time for mass resistance and demonstration twitter.com/BillKristol/status

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This one was a fun to take. #nsfw #lewd #me

Masturbation, SWs 

I suppose I could just lie, but for some reason I feel bad lying to someone even when I know they're lying to me. I guess the difference is I'm paying her to lie even though in fact I don't care if she does. That's just part of the unspoken contract right?

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Masturbation, SWs 

Hidden downsides of supporting SWs directly.

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Masturbation, SWs 

TFW you have to masturbate to a particular performer's video so she doesn't have to pretend to be disappointed.

Anyone else thinks it's fucked up teenagers are forced to wake up super early for school when they're growing and need sleep?

My sex life 

Oh also I found a pretty awesome silicone cock ring that was probably helping with today's sex. Ooh it's apparently on massive sale too though I'm pretty sure I didn't pay $30 for it either.


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