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The thought of getting together with a bunch of cooking-inclined furs and having a night of making food has such a nice ring to it. u.u

The fediverse is impressively hungry for anti-harassment tools!

The other day, I released β€”a tool to learn who you favorite most. It's a fun tool and spread widely with 30 boosts.

Yesterday, I released mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c As an anti-harassment tool you only use when being actively mobbed, I thought it would be of niche interest.

But instead, it's been boosted nearly 100 times(!), and is still going strong.

@Gargron this might tell you what features people want

Nintendo memes 

... Thresher shark might honestly be the winner. cwc I'll have to give this a doodle when I'm done with my current project~

Driving woes 

I'm trying to decide what sort of shark Cassie would be if I gave her that form. c.c Tiger shark fits, but thresher sharks are ~heckin' fabulous~

Light Kink Talk 

🎡 And I miss you
Like the puppers miss the pets 🎡


@99CentSoftness The chest slowly disintegrates revealing:
πŸ”Ή Rare Tool:
Peculiar, flat black screwdriver βš’

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