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WAD Wednesday starting in about 45 minutes, at 7pm PST. Not feeling great today so might only go for 30 minutes this time.

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I dont think I've posted my dragon sona since moving to this instance

so here u go :3

me derg sometimes :dragn_mlem:

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DELTASTUCK is a crossover comic between UNDERTALE and HOMESTUCK.


Instead of being a traditional crossover, DELTASTUCK focuses on the what-if scenario of the UNDERTALE characters playing a SBURB-like game and presents itself like an MSPA forum adventure. It is more of an UNDERTALE comic than a HOMESTUCK one.

Interested? Read Here!


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@NatVoltaic That might be the most important button in the world. I want a turn!

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Sid's gender-free guide to facial hair & shaving 

Hi y'all. I wrote a guide for shaving and facial hair for all guys, gals and nonbinary and trans pals a while back and people responded well to it, so I had some requests to revisit the subject.

Whether you're on hormones, or going thru puberty or what your skin and hair texture are like right now, I hope you'll be able to get something out of it.

Maybe you've never had anyone to walk you through how to get a good shave. If that's so, just think of me as your supportive dad! :blobfingerguns:

We'll start by talking about the hair itself

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here yall go. this is what the top of my pinebook pro looks like at the moment. super special shoutout to @irisjaycomics for the bad idea enabler, internet just keeps happening, real gayer, and defund and abolish stickers. last one was a bonus i was more than happy to put on the lappy.

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YUGIOH CARD OF THE DAY (10/09/2020): Mecha Bunny

yeah, this one's going back in the box

legitimately though this is actually a low key hell of a design for a robot bunny??? like, the color palette and the angular ears and the robo eyes are great, and on top of that it's got a completely inexplicable decal on its forehead

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Your robot gf has three categories of music she enjoys

1) music she likes to listen to
2) music she likes to play through her speakers
3) music she likes to quietly run through her own audio processing unit over and over because it feels nice.

You asked her about the third one and found out it contained mostly harsh noise and weird synthpop, but also a Backstreet Boys album she REFUSED to explain when asked

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okay another podcast pitch before I go to bed 

@irisjaycomics The Disc Course

Your logo is a book jumping over a hurdle.

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Rose is red, violets blue,
Sugar's sweet and so are you,
Then add another bit,
Wait this ain't a lymrick,
My poem! What the fuck did you do!?!?

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Introducing a new chess rule where every piece gets a glock. Bullets can be fired across a distance of three spaces. The number of hits a piece can endure depends on its type (kings can withstand more than a pawn, etc.).

This excludes queens, which have a chainsaw

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