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This sparkle-catwolf monster is looking like shi came out of a combination food court and craft store. Guess that's just two different ways to be big and stuffed~

uspol (@#$%^) 

I sure do love Biden's wussy-ass "you need to go VOTE in NOVEMBER to CHANGE this!" response to the Roe v Wade leak. Joe you have a majority in the fucking government. You can pass some fucking laws about this right now. You SAID you were gonna do that on the campaign trail. Get off your useless old grey company man ass and do what we put you in office to do instead of wringing your hands and saying you can't do anything.

If Manchin won't cooperate then declare him a DINO, eject his ass from the fold, maybe even dig up some dirt and make a scandal happen. Just fucking govern you useless piece of shit. Stop being a "centrist" when the opposition keeps on dragging their end of the Overton window further and further into shitsvile.

Its so funny to me how obvious it is Sonic fans have never had to tolerate an actually bad redesign of 90% of their characters lmao

fat fur 

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Looks like this cute chow chow couldn't stop chowing !! Be sure to give plenty of treats for them being such a good puppy and finishing their meal !!

reasons you should let me bite you:
1. i have sharp bitey teeths
3. bites you regardless

hisuian typhlosion is excited to learn how cuddleable their off-sinnoh counterpart is

This filter wheel from the James Webb telescope looks like it belongs on a Doctor Who console.

you wanna know what the true value of "true wireless" earbuds is

the case has the same fidgeting potential as a flip phone

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