pikaboo is a horror game but for babies

it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

thinking about this sketch from a bit ago i look so creature :koboldbeam:

"In the near future, phone numbers will be a think of the past"
"Really? Ok phew"
"Sorry it's the near future now, every website you log into wants a phone number if you want to keep using their service"

Without his plaits, he gets a little wild. [2020]

Commission for twitter.com/snekandchonky.  Is this an arboreal kind of snake?  Well, he is a ranger.

that whole like "mcdonalds food doesnt mold if you leave it out!!!" thing is so goofy cuz like. most food doesnt do that either, shit just dries out and then theres nothing for mold to grow on

artists who render every scale on their dragons and lizardpeople are too powerful for this world

All the "piracy is bad" takes remind me of that time the RIAA claimed Limewire owed them $75 trillion for piracy.

More than the entire world's annual GDP.

More than the whole industry made since the phonograph's invention in 1877.

Arista v. Limewire en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arista_R

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