Ya'll? Ya'll. *Ya'll.*
Isabelle Animal Crossing companion mod for classic Doom. Features include tossing Doomguy items, attacking enemies with a hammer or party popper, picking up a shotgun off the floor, etc.


Free Games, GOG 

*sees me* whao she's gay and sin against man, god, and code

typh taur typh taur!!!! commission by princessnapped on twitter! 💕💕💕

It's the universal non-palindrome day! This is the only date consisting of nothing but zeroes and twos that is not a palindrome no matter how you write it!


Relish it, we won't have another one of these for 20,000 years

Animal Crossing New Horizon 

And here we are with more Proxy art! This time a fashion sketch courtesy of wasabitea on :birdsite:!

Me taxes, they have been done.
Catte does a Responsibibly!

werewolves / alc mention 

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