Whaaaat greys and demis like me get a day now


Happy ace day! Not wanting sex sometimes or not wanting sex most of the time or not wanting sex ever are valid orientations and there’s nothing wrong with you.

why call it a deadname when you can call it a necronym?

@eviloatmeal Sound Card: Sound Blaster
Graphics Card: Video Blaster
Hard Drive: Bit Blaster
Motherboard: Blaster Master

Half-asleep last night a fragment of an imaginary military history documentary appeared in my mind

"Early heat-seeking missiles all had a problem: they wanted to kill the sun."

VR related gripes, money, pretty irritated, personal psa 

reminder that it's an instant block when I see folks insinuating that having VR gear means you're rich and privileged because god that's the same bs as "why do you have an iPhone if you're poor"

completely ignoring that maybe it was a gift, or maybe you come from a place of financial struggle too and worked hard just to get yourself one nice thing and am now getting shamed for it

grrooooowwwww up

What if snails had little tails they could wag when they got excited?


Idk, thinkin about what in the ear hearing aids/earbuds could look like if they were made for anthro characters

*stands too close to an edge* awawawawawawawa

today I found out you can buy "goat tubes" to help protect your goat's coat

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