This filter wheel from the James Webb telescope looks like it belongs on a Doctor Who console.

you wanna know what the true value of "true wireless" earbuds is

the case has the same fidgeting potential as a flip phone

The concept of talent as a god-given blessing is inherently wrong. It actively hinders people to try new stuff and suck at it at first.

Because that is what you'll do when you try new things: you will suck. For some time. Yes, some will learn faster than others, experiences differ! But if you want to learn something new, please don't think you need any kind of talent for that.

What you need is passion. And time.

And the courage to fail.

i don't need to tell anyone here this but for fuck's sake don't amplify 4chan/SA/KF ironic "humour" unless you're 1000% certain it isn't just worded that way to mask that it's a vaguepost punching down at someone

it's like the same argument against just housing the homeless cause it's expensive like,, even if u remove the horrifying human rights issues from the equation, the reality is both public and private sectors are going to end up paying for the consequences of leaving poor people unsafe

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"but paying people to stay home is expensivvee" buddy have i got some news for you about who is gonna be paying those covid 19 hospital bills cause like. it aint gonna be the people who you're exploiting into going back to minimum wage work lmfao

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cutting the recommended quarantine guidelines in half because people need money to survive. damn if only there was some sort of solution to this that didn't involve risking the entire nations health. maybe something we did recently even

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the only nft fighter im interested in is the type where i find people who buy or make nft's and punch them

Today I learned that "redneck" is a reference to the red bandanas worn by coal miners demanding unions and better working conditions.

barber and beauty shop, bedrock city, rts. 64 and 180, valle, arizona, 1987

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