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Just got my account on here, and I figure a quick is in order!

I'm Arky, I'm a gay dude (he/him pronouns) who enjoys being a collie on the internet 💖

When it comes to hobbies away from the fandom, I enjoy 📷, 🎮, and 🥾🏞️!

During the day I work as a software engineer (focused on ), which doesn't seem too uncommon in these parts 😅

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I couldn’t remember the hostname of the UPS in our home rack and then I remembered it’s at the bottom of the rack and it provides power so it’s hostname is “powerbottom” obvs

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actually, it's not a "Markov chain", it's a “large language model the size of a small language model”

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fictional cigarette packet 

hey bentley what do you do with Photoshop, Fusion 360, and a Friday night

this, for a friend

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instead of gendered bathrooms I propose bouba and kiki for the two options

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it feels ridiculous saying this as a brit who's already in his early thirties, but I just made my first roast dinner

turned out alright, know what I'd change next time

so I've started getting mixed nuts in as an afternoon snack and I can only apologise to my partner for all the "deez nuts" jokes he'll have to endure, xoxo

Decided I wanted a link to hand out that wasn't tied to one social platform, so uhh:

Will add a Flickr account there when I get round to setting a new one up (old one got deleted due to inactivity 😔)

tube strike today and boy am I glad that I'm fully remote now

don't miss battling my way into town on cramped buses

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nvidia: we are very concerned that if you don’t add 2fa to this account we forced you to make, criminals might download these free drivers without giving us accurate marketing demographic details

your bank: sorry, what? you want two tractors?

the galling feeling when you're about to go to bed and remember there's laundry to hang up 😔

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Lude joke 

Subnetting implies the existence of domnetting

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Here's a few IKEA sheets wot I did recently, featuring Ailu's friendli tail, Fantasia's adventures in Disneyland, grand theft plushie with Tig, and a day in the life of @seadragom! Thank you so much you guys!

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been a "collar on all day" kinda day 🐕

unexpected benefit of remote work I guess 😅

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Judging companies by what I find in their mail headers

You ever have those days where you feel especially like your fursona?

Today I'm like "hello yes, this is dog" 🐶

"encrypted at rest" has become such an industry-wide cop-out

the fact that the disk is encrypted should be the starting point for user data, not the end

I like how privacy-related training questions can be answered by asking yourself "Would a European be horrified by this?"

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