Hey I know I'm kinda late on this but I made a prompt list for inktober! Someone a while back mententioned there being no dragon ones so I thought I'd try! Draw dragons to these!

If you end up doing stuff with this please let me know, I want to see art. :3

Text-only person to follow.

(Since it's already 10 minutes into october here please boost this. It's already a really late one.)

I suppose?

Text only [1/2] 

Roselace' dragon inktober prompt thing
2020-9-30 - @BatElite

This list may lend itself more easily for drawing with a focus on the environment rather than the characters, but that's not required.
(All the prompts are formulated in plural for consistency, but feel free to use them as singular instead.)
For day 31, pick one of the three wildcard prompts.
The other can be substituted if a day has a prompt you struggle with/don't like.

Text only [2/2 - prompts] 

1: Mornings
2: Towers
3: Tending
4: Fins
5: Water

6: Ivory
7: Heat
8: Crystal(s)
9: Fabrics
10: Stars

11: Affection
12: Digging
13: Candles
14: Libraries
15: Stretching

16: Machinery
17: Chests
18: Moss
19: Embers
20: Entwining

21: Display
22: Cascades
23: Hoards
24: Lodged
25: Storms

26: Branches
27: Friendships
28: Sleepwear
29: Stained glass
30: Evenings


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