gosh I kinda want to go on a giant worldbuilding / self-lore posting spree right now

worldbuilding / self-lore 

yes, the laws of conservation of energy and mass exist in Kaito's world

yes, Kaito's quasi-shapeshifting do not respect them and, in fact, actively defy them

the laws are just a trait of how the "world" is programmed and Kaito is under no obligation to respect them when they're essentially injecting their own code/data into the system

worldbuilding / self-lore 

time travel exists in Kaito's world but it's useless for all the things you'd probably want to use it for

you could, in theory, load a backup of the entire world into a separate instance of the world's "program" and explore it

but not only can you not guarantee that the actions that occurred in that sub-world after you started running it were identical to what happened in the "canonical" version of events

you also obviously can't make any changes that would propagate

worldbuilding / self-lore 

having said that it *is* still useful to recover things thought to be lost to time, lost films and technology, etc.

it turns out the main instance of the "world" keeps backups daily at 00:00 UTC±0 so time-travelling is thus locked to one-day spans all starting at that time

worldbuilding / self-lore 

your traditional sorts of magic do exist in Kaito's world

it just turns out that they're programmed in to either the world itself or objects/people within that world, nonstandard actions or series of events that have responses or effects other than the expected norm

worldbuilding / self-lore 

why yes, this does in fact mean that Kaito can give (and in fact, has given) people magical powers if they feel like it

worldbuilding / self-lore 

@KS How much overlap is there between giving people magical powers and giving them boobs? :P

worldbuilding / self-lore 

@BatElite the venn diagram for that is a single circle, methinks <w<


worldbuilding / self-lore 

@KS ...are boobs a magical power? :P

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