Send art if you want in

I'll get to this after the weekend sometime


Mutuals: "Help, help! I'm being bullied into getting free art!"


Ya know what I'll bite ::P
Not much of a ref since it was a one-off freebie sketch from a friend of a friend, but it's what I got!

@pillowcat @BatElite

Indeed! Am smol derg, usually the size of a cat. This pic makes me look Big tbh.

@Tryn @pillowcat That's still bigger than I thought you were!

Also that means you can perch on shoulders. :o

@Tryn That's fine though it says poorly for a reason :P

(Also I did something very smart going somewhere I don't have the drawing tablet all weekend, so I think this'll happen after that :o)

@BatElite i would but i'm going through identity troubles and don't know what i am right now

@BatElite i would offer mine but my ref is like 4 years out of date or something :x

@BatElite i don't remember... the last time i drew my fursona for realsies may have been when i drew my current avatar

@BatElite I don't have a ref sheet so I'd have to gather up some other ref pics

@behold3r I don't think we need a formal ref for this so that's fine

@BatElite @nautilee

Oh. My. Gosh. Us touching snoots across panels is *so adorable!!!* <3

@BatElite @Tryn

heck heck heck heck heck heck heck heck heck <3 <3 <#

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