Free worldbuilding idea 

Dragons don't necessarily need big gold hoard, they're just attracted to anything gold-coloured and sufficiently large for their size.

Are you royalty? You're probably familiar with having to swat away tiny wyrmlings from your crown. Are you a pretentious prick who decides to roof their house with gilt tiles? Don't be surprised if a dragon claims it for their nest. Wear a lot of expensive jewelry? expect dragon hugs!

flash fiction, dragons, re: Free worldbuilding idea 

@BatElite "Damn these dragons!" the king groused, furiously slapping the air around his head as the wyrmlings swooped about it, fascinated by the gleam of his crown. "Fetch me my royal wyrm-swatter!"

The young servant was escorted in, bearing a great metal implement that looked rather like a tennis racket on a very long handle. They took a bow. "I am at your service, my lord."

Several swings of the swatter later, the dragonlings lay on the ground, rolling and groaning dramatically. The servant scooped them up into a sack. "I shall dispose of these for you now, my lord."

Back at the servants' quarters, they opened the sack, and the play-acting dragons fluttered out. "Thank you!" one wyrmling chirped.

"Of course," replied the servant. "I cannot understand my lord's hatred for your kind. Why, if *I* wore a crown, I would think it would only be ornamented by several young dragons, who chose to perch there of their own free will!"

The dragonets would remember this, when they were bigger and stronger, and had the jaws to swallow kings.

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