Surprise, Ren!~ 

Used Ghost Master dream/nightmare images (for if you go into a mortal's POV when asleep or during nightmare) on top and placeholders below. These are blown up to full screen. :P

If anyone knows what that second image is and who the author is, I'd be happy to know. :3

Some caps 

If bios ever get replaced with audio this is what's going in mine.

Although...looks can deceive! The duality of a kitten willing to use their charms to further their plan!

I was going to make a toot about using this as a monopoly piece but tbh the game is a bit crap and this kitten is good.

Weed reference 

Hey @codl could we add this specimen my friend drew to our thonking emotes?

Hey @unascribed happy birthday, I tried drawing you a thing for it. 💜


Pol - Hong Kong protests 

I tried out Corel Painter just now and have a test Tails.


I was hoping to find old games maybe at the charity shop near Zowie, but instead of that I got this for 1,50. :3

I just found this in a pile of trashed furniture and I don't know what it's from but it looks cool.

Petra's chariventures finale - lewd-themed item but not explicit. 

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