Local bat is successful.

IDK if I'd go outside with several of these on, but...

an nude but mostly safe arts 

Petra bingo 

Mega Man X4 came in today! The game looks hecking beautiful.

Also I love Cyber Peacock's (IIRC the name correctly) theme now.

I'm stealing this directly from Addi because I am a thief.

Posting this bit of encouragement by @SilviaFox so I can pin it and cherish it. :P

Please consider this graph and characterisation idea I had earlier.

(Image description will be in two replies)


Batch two, additions are:
@Cynder (requested @SilviaFox)

(Maybe trim some of those handles if you're going to reply.)

One slot left until I'd have to add more. :P

New OC doodles 

Pecrew thingy 

Sword Of The Stars rummaging 


*Reminds myself of the time I made Janet accidentally goth.*

(Original by @danfoxx - I just like making lots of palette swaps. :3)

The last one of these IDs I made was last August, when I was on a few different instances. Made a unique icon for this one too. :3

Template by @unascribed here:

The Arts: Happy Birthday, Addi 

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