Game dunking 

It's kinda incredible how much they've been fucking up in ways obvious intentional ways.

Hey I know I'm kinda late on this but I made a prompt list for inktober! Someone a while back mententioned there being no dragon ones so I thought I'd try! Draw dragons to these!

If you end up doing stuff with this please let me know, I want to see art. :3

Text-only person to follow.

(Since it's already 10 minutes into october here please boost this. It's already a really late one.)

I suppose?

Sometimes you watch speedrun and speedrun-adjacent videos and well...

Gruesome album cover art 

I appreciate Omen's Battle Cry cover because whoever drew it clearly tried to draw as few feet making contact as possible.

Mini painting stuffs (mild nude?) 

A weretiger for the 8th mini I've done. Considerably brighter than earlier ones (only doing the washes on the fur and leather, and even then the yellow is painted over after) but I think I prefer that.

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