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This rulebook is calling me out, I'm apparently a fairy now.


When your bodyguards are well trained.

Bat watches RWBY 

Context: Someone getting hulkpunched across the room in the lower spine.

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Bat watches RWBY, vaguely spoilers 

I'm terrible for tone.

Bat watches RWBY, spolers for mostly volume 3 and vaguely volume 4 

jenna's a dork.

(For context, the fall of Beacon (which is similar to Haven) also coincidentally involved the usurpation of the powers of fall, the season. Whatever those are.)

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Fantasy Strike, pun 

Twitch' horrible autocomplete ruined this pun.

HRT joke 

@jenbot awarded me the title of "best dork" for this.

My april fools joke game from last year, this year 

For peeps who can't run it:

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Space Engineers 

This is the newest family member Discotronnie (shortened to Ronnie), who isn't quite ready for serious driving but I had a nice time crashing the thing a few times.

First time in years trying hydrogen power, and just one engine is clearly not cutting it. Aside from that I feel like he might be a little front heavy and it's not the most comforting feeling seeing the cockpit turning towards the ground in a jump (the wheels saved it most of the times though).

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Space Engineers 

I Space Engineered myself a problem in that I flipped Discotron (the blue vehicle) onto its back mid-transit, with half the thing ploughing into the ground and leaving a 36,8K orb of iron ore at the bottom of a large crater.

Then I made Boombot (name courtesy of @jenbot) to rescue the ore. Its also done a trip to harvest silicon, but running a lot of thrusters means it has a battery life of scary.

Hey @Violet I figured out what to do with the raccoon art you sent me. :P

Fantasy strike - 

There's literally nobody as low as me

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Oh also, I had a sword made and I'm really pleased how it ended up. :3

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Fursona thoughts 

What if absurdly lorj glasses?


I'm quite annoyed that they ruined my urn.

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