kink i guess 

@heatherhorns "Okay we've got skeletons and shooty octopuses, what next?"

'...vore sacks?'

(I'm guessing that's the horny bit :P)

@maples I wouldn't mind, primarily to chill with though and less so for the show :P

(Dinnertime is coming up soon here though)

@avie Some majority of the humour didn't fit my taste (which is fine), but the "go here get joke" format feels a waste for a game. Plus I found the comedic timing to be consistently off, maybe in part because of the lack of easing on anything.

Like the "trailer" they have up on gog is a lot better at what they're trying to do than the game is (although the speech in that is difficult to understand in there so RIP), and I'm that the whole thing would have worked nicer as a movie/animation. :o

@avie Oh it is, but

It half feels more like it happened at me than that I played it ^^;


@maples Holy shit plane clown goes full jason

@NovaSquirrel I'm guessing you have to code the dynamic/semi-dynamic allocation things yourself though?

@avie @maples "What do you mean they rejected my hero design, I'll show them"


@heatherhorns Sleeping cap underwear

(The floppy bit is at the front for hijinks obviously :P)

@behold3r "Mapo Tofu recipe:

Step one: Use the time machine to go back in time and destroy England."


King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard, the

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