re: 587 characters, about cds 

@Felthry I hope so, but I also feel bad for the thing...

I wish tech wasn't frequently too fragile to hug. ^^;

@Felthry Actually I'm curious about that, discs are burned from the bottom right? Wouldn't scratches from the top be relatively harmless?

@Felthry Scratching I think?

It's not doing a whole lot, it takes a while to get detected and it's making a worrying high pitched noise in my reader at the moment.

I think this CD is either dead or on its last legs.

pokemon, silly 

What do you call a herb-induced nap? 

re: princess quote, 

re: princess quote, 

Uni work complaining 

Project Jortage (attn: instance admins) :boost_ok: 

@addi What the heck Addi how come you're so good at this??
I could have sworn you said you were only good at traditional stuff!

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