@relee Hi hi I keep wondering why people get that about me so quickly, but then I haven't read my own display name in a while :P

Following is fine by me

@extinct They made a giant spaceship laser and the most it can do is break that little top off? Weak.

Kinda dark 

@artemis @Felthry @Lotherme Semi-related, it's been my headcanon that the pokedex descriptions are all accurate and the reason any region has a population of a few hundred people tops is because they let teens fight with creatures possessing apocalyptic power

Weird affection 

@heatherhorns *Gently squishes and kneads your tum* 'w'

soft and good gay

re: Affectionate 

@plausocks *Nuzzles in and kisses between your boobs*

Of course, I'll get into your chest as much as you'd want me to sweetie..

*Bring in a wing and places it on one of your breasts* u////u 💜

re: Affectionate 

@plausocks Wehhh!
*Squeezes and bites a little harder, but also chirping softly*

Are you pleased?

re: Affectionate 

@plausocks *Blushes hard and lays her ears flat, getting your shirt wet with her saliva*

That's meeee...

You're sweet though >////<

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