i dont really begrudge anyone who has to take that nordvpn/etc sponsership money. Gotta make that food money. But also I think you should layer your sponsership in AS MUCH sarcasm and back handed compliments as you're able to

God apparently the secret boss of Katana Zero makes the game lag on purpose if you're playing on hard to make you trip over your inputs.

Suddenly remembering Katana Zero and Tower of Heaven are by the same set of devs lmao

did you know a lot of OG Bubsy people went on to work on Sam and Max hit the road

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Being obsessed with Scrimblos mean you can spread knowledge that both people who worked on Acro and Gex worked on the Crash Bandicoot series during the original trilogy lmao

I do like how the rare sound design of the era sounds like twenty clown cars smashing into a wall though

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Again, I love what it pulls off technically with being sorta dynamic and stuff but it is my least favorite Rare ost of the era lmao

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theres a couple of distinct tracks but a lot of it is very into one ear out of the other for me ya know

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Im currently having fun with Banjo but I can absolutely tell you I'd be far more into it if the soundtrack really did anything for me

Its really funny to me how Skyrim AE's survival mode is like a slight slap on the wrist varation on those sorta mechanics but the vanilla game does so badly making you engage with a lot of its mechanics that its a vaguely different expirence

Skyrim mods have these two amongst their genres:

I think your skyrim man should be able to drink from the lake and make slurping noises when they do


*Has lived with one of my partners for about three or four years at this point* ok but do they like me

Literally went from not being too hot on it my previous time with it to being "oh this is pretty fun actually" on the switch lmao

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what the FUCK why is it every time I do a playthrough of Banjo I switch between "I hate it"/"I like it actually" lmao

Gruntilda voice:
When you knock on my door, prepare for torture! Cock and Ball!

Every now and then I consider trying to actually learn to how percieve dwarf fortress because I need more weirdo life sims in my life

just learnt the context of peep the horror and im losing my fucking mind

thinking about that one Jerma stream where they try to play a find bigfoot game and they just throw flares on the floor so bigfoot knows exactly where they are youtu.be/UrY1TwM1Q8w

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