if i had a baby I would inject it with steroids until it became ripped enough to defend me like a small Pokémon

ngl I feel like an obsession with "online drama" is a giant fucking warning sign a lot of the time lmao

Dude obsessed with speedrunning drama is apparently an ass in other ways? wow who could of seen this coming

but also some of the shit in there is just too funny and tickles me even years later

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like on one hand I think its a case of a very small team biting off FAR more than they can chew to the point a lot of things(writing in particular) super suffer as a result of the lack of focus and I really hope they end up taking the criticisms of it to heart honestly?

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I always feel kinda bad when I dunk on Yiik because i do feel kinda bad for the devs but its also very funny

*Realizes you can do some trickery to make RPG maker work really well as a visual novel engine that supports a bunch of platforms* hmm hmm hmmmm

Toby Fox has literally gone on record about this several times and I can only assume it being more overt in game now is a result of "fine fuck you" lmao

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Its really funny to me how Deltarune chapter 2 goes all fucking in with refering to Kris with "they" after years of people going "NO THATS NOT CANON U SJWS!" over people really politely correcting on Frisk and Kris's pronouns lmao.

Ralsei is Kris standing in for Asriels character as a result of him being at college.

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my deltarune theory is basically "Darkworld stuff is a tabletop thing being played by the main cast who all have extremely active imaginations" send post

i like how no more heroes 3 reveals that a character from every game was basically what amounts to a sleeper agent and their activation film was fucking MCU thor 1

someone on the SGF nmh3 has the username Jasper Batt and that was enough to make me feel slightly feral

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