my ytp goal is to basically be one from 2010 without the bad edgyness and I like to imagine Im doing decent at that so far

feeling particularly girl mode lately.

I wanna be called a cute girl and kiss another femme. open offer

alright SILLY BITCH SATURDAY is over I actually took my meds

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ytp/volume warning/asking for opnions 

do i keep working on this

ytp/volume warning/asking for opnions 

do i keep working on this

anyway guess who has an ear infection again because they keep on intentionally fucking up their body

Pov your house after you realize "free speech" doesn't apply to saying "I bet Joe Biden smells a little bit like urine"

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because fedi is modelled after the worst hypercapitalist social media experience on earth, it's really easy to be memory holed by everyone just by not posting for a week

Considering cupy dog alt sona just to tap into these vibes

Almost tempted to ask for a steamdeck for my bday but

1: i think those are too pricey for me

2: do they even ship those to the uk lmao

trying to remember the last time I felt this fucking bad lmao

Anyway time for my yearly wishlist drop in case anyone wants to be particularly nice to me/get me an early bday gift lmao

they got to keep the fucking joycons for the PC/PS4/X series ports somehow??

whatever im going to bed and hoping i get lucky enough to just die in my sleep

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