Me: "Yeah I love sound design"
me: downloading 100 wav files called "splat.wav"

Anyway from what I can tell one of Under Nights characters has extreme wine mom energies

*Sees the Skulltank from that one fighting game* you might not like it, but this is the ideal male bod-

People really out there posting peoples art uncredited and getting 4000000 boosts n stuff for it and then wondering why artists keep taking themselves off of social media platforms

*WILL* draw:


*WONT* draw:

your shitty uncle greg(fuck you greg)

are crushes but for wanting to be pals with someone in literally any capacity a thing

I still love how Automata's OST is mostly vaguely ochestral stuff but then theres this one song

I wanna play Hat in Time but its protag looking like "the avatar of someone who calls you slurs on twitter, incarnate" and shitty racist gamer man still being in it always end up putting me off

Im extremely bad at it and fighters in general but if anyone wants rounds of Under Night PC sometime hit me up

The only reason Im not 100% on board is because theres no versions of REmake2/DMC5/RE7 on there but I get the impression those would be a hell of a time to port to something like the Switch?

Real talk I might actually really want the Switch Lite thing depending on its UK price point

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my art/pals sona 

breaks into your house and eats a a single egg

Wasnt there one genesis golf game that just had the plot of "you are one of two perfect golfing robots. and if you meet the other one the world will literally end"

Subpost/talking about birdsite nonsense 

Subpost/talking about birdsite nonsense 

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