me: remembers making doors in Doom being difficult, and is worried I might have forgot how to do them
me, making a door in five seconds: hey wait what

thinking about how an interview with the terminator 2 director got dug up and it has "the evil terminator is a cop because its meant to represent how far removed from basic humanity cops are" and god i wish people got to talk about their own work this way 99% of the time

Kinda unironically super glad a bunch of FMV games are getting remasters that use source footage and stuff, tbh?

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My bunny gf is sleebin and

shes so cute ???

Im glad theres a doom mod that amounts to "play as doomguys ripped lesbian war buddy"

me having bad game ideas 

everytime one of my friends gets a dragon sona I wish I had the money to commission a new sona ref or something out of nowhere

doing stuff for that dumb chill private doom thing again. Im still bad as hell at mapping but

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Harry Potter and the Influencer's Stone

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science has finally answered, what happens if you combine a ferret and beanbag chair

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I wanna work on my doom wad again but I'd feel bad doing it without getting all my other projects out the way first?

There's nothing more infurating to me then the brand of accounts that are like "YES! WE STEAL ART UNCREDITED AND WITHOUT PERMISSION BUT ITS FINE WE'RE TRYING TO BE UPLIFTING"

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