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Screenshot of a tweet/link to it included/Clown refrences 

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vaguely nsfw/jokey/pokemon/tf adjacent 

me, standing outside of the witches house: OH NOO this is the WITCHESSSS HOUSSEEEE I hope they dont put some WEEIRRD CURSSSE ON MEEE that turns me into a GIRRLLL OR ANYTHING that woulld totttallly suckkkk

the witch: Fuck stop yelling outside my house I do commissions you know

feeling weirdly at peace tonight for some reason

The reason the blood particles look so good in NMH1 is because the wii has some ridiclously good liquid tech it inherited from the gamecube" huh

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nsfw/maid/hypno kink 

...i dont have any cute girly clothing anymore in general and that makes me sad

anyway I wish I had a maid outfit. no I dont care im being maid on main

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a lot of ostensible leftists will happily rag on fat people, short people, ace people, kinnies, poly people, furries, juggalos, gender non-conforming people, and a lot of other subgroups if they can get 10 retweets out of it

they know to stay clear of the things they'll get ragged on for, but merely out of self-preservation

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