Sometimes video editing unearths the one good line something had like "What are you whispering for. The man shot his gun 3000 times I think he knows we're here"

whenever someone sees a cat and thinks of me i gain power

I've already got 2 minutes worth of stuff done for my current bad video edit so I guess I just kinda bounce off of FMV games. Talent or curse you decide

So here's a picture that I'm currently in progress on, wearing that skirt I got a few days ago and turned around. Kind of a different pose than I'm used to, so probably looks a bit weird, but hey, I'm trying right? :P

Didn't apply shading yet since that's a bit of a work in progress, wanna kinda try the more realistic-looking shading that's a pain in the butt to get looking good and will probably look weird, but I want to get better at it so I've gotta give it another shot :P

[youtuber voice] can you beat serena the video game without giving her a single kiss

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