anyone reasonable: billionaires could solve several ills of the world with a fraction of what they have. however,every single one of them being unwilling to do so demonstrates how immoral they all are.

some bootlicker: well actually bill gates gave some kid orange juice

seriously though band-aid level philanthropy solves absolutely fucking nothing in 99% of cases and we all know all the billonares just do it as an excuse to stroke their ego anyway

the only good billonares stopped being billonares when they realized they could do a lot of good by not having that money and still live fine without being absurdly rich and even then i honestly doubt such people exist

@BigBeanKitten bill gates has done the equivalent of putting a penny in one of those "take a penny leave a penny" things stores used to have

@BigBeanKitten like that one band that had a really popular song or something then just decided to burn a million pounds

@BigBeanKitten At this point, it's basically tossing buckets of water overboard when the whole ship is sinking.

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