thinking about how Sonic 3 even finished has some bugs in it to the point that one of the manuals literally says "they arent bugs theyre uh. Robotniks evil tricks that make you have to soft restart the game dont worry about it "

its just kinda funny that they acknowledge "theres some shit we couldnt fix in time sorry" in even a really roundabout way because a lot of things avoid trying to talk about it

This took off and I kinda wanna clarify that Sonic 3 is one of my favorite games even if its obviously kinda unfinished in a couple of places thank's for reading.

@BigBeanKitten if you use any one of my apps or services or anything and you run into a 500 error or other sort of unhandled exception, it's because Jeff Bezos, being the billionaire capitalist he is, has used his powers to plant a diabolical trap in the code that makes it stop working

@BigBeanKitten this reminds me of that one game where they had so many errors that came up so often that they couldn't track down, that they

made it so that the error handler in code was set to display the level select screen and say "you found a warp zone!" or something. so that anyone who got an error thought that they had entered a cheat code

@shoofle Weirdly enough: this is also from a Sonic game

@shoofle @BigBeanKitten This is..

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