Zero Time Dillemmma/Live tweet/3d model of shotgun 

Zero Time Dilemma live tweet/Minor vaguely creepy art shit in ui/Eye contact 

Anyway Phi's design in Zero Time Dilemma is a transistion goal thanks for reading

VLR/Lite spoiler refrences I guess 

VLR/Lite spoiler refrences I guess 

VLR spoilers/shitpost/dril 

Virtues Last Reward continues to be really really good
(heres my progress in case anyone is curious)

Zero Escape: VLR/Spoilers probably/shitpost 

nsfw/cropped nsfw of my sona/at reader 

Incredibly nsfw art/sexual/my and pals sona/joint commish 

Zero Escape:VLR/Shitpostey/frog disection 

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