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Okay, I'm gonna be moving accounts from here to @DecimalRandom
I'll try to re-follow and stuff, we'll see how it goes

fursona self-appreciation (enby chub zone advisory) 

Okay, I'm gonna be moving accounts from here to @DecimalRandom
I'll try to re-follow and stuff, we'll see how it goes

apparently "swords are stronger when they're forged by the light of the full moon" is an actual real thing that made swords more durable and this might be the chuuniest fact i have learned in 2020 so far

God had to strike this one down because he knew he fucked up and released an S tier character in a D tier world.

Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

FROM THE PATREON: what better way to kick off Xenophilia Month than with a very specific xeno (and her girlfriend) whom I've drawn before? sometimes you just want to switch things up.

the safeword is "Dallas". subscribe today: #nsfw

cyn but fightpup

a lucario that didn't quite evolve fully and is absolutely a runt

can't even use their aura properly, smdh....

I did SORTA draw this before but I'm not super happy with the design

look at what drew for me im literally speechless this is my favourite thing

lewd, kink, mc, d/s 

hell, if you think things like this and manage to rephrase them in a way that expresses your needs without attacking and accusing your friend?

like “If you’re busy can we talk later!” or “i’m feeling down, can we talk?“ or “mind if i vent when you get the chance?”

you should be fucking proud, and you’re not even remotely who i’m complaining about.

it takes effort and consideration of your friends’ feelings to overcome negative thoughts and recognize your words would harm them.

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so, key points:

1: if you practice this sort of manipulative behavior, I immediately forgive you and believe you can improve.

2: it’s not your responsibility to help people at the expense of your own mental health.

3: this post is referring to a very specific behavior pattern of intentional manipulation.

If you read this and are suddenly feeling guilty about times you reached out to friends for affirmation? Or just felt unloved? Please rest assured that this is not about you.

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if u message someone with “hey” or send a telegram sticker without context, that’s fine!

if you don’t get a reply, then complain 20 minutes later that no one replies to your messages, no one cares about you, etc:

you’re being manipulative!!!! please don’t do this to your friends!!!!

trying to shame and manipulate someone into giving you attention isn’t okay, full stop.

there's really just three kinds of designs on thingiverse

- cool functional items
- joke prints
- drunk guy on CAD at 2am

jokey lewd 

lewd furry porn, pokemon large insertion 


Hey, don't forget to vote today if you're in one of the states doing that!
Washington state folks, you can put your ballot in the mail! There are drop boxes that are specifically for them placed around too, usually at libraries The locations come with the ballot! Deadline is 10th

if you vote bernie and send me a pic of your "i voted" sticker ill draw your fursona. it won't be good but im desperate here idk how to get people to turn out

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