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I'm going to try adopting a system that @Kat proposed, which is including an emoji in your display name to indicate how you're doing other than shoving it under a mh(-) CW

šŸ”µ/āœ… Doing good!
āš«/āšŖ Hanging in there, spare some nice words if you can
ā›”/šŸš«/šŸ”“ Doing bad, please be nice and give space if I ask
āš ļø/šŸ†˜ Crashing, please be nice and/or assist if you can

With this sort of system, you can safely share how you're feeling publicly while keeping any further details under a CW.
Full credit to @Kat !~<3

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Here's an introduction post to hopefully give you a decent idea of what I'm like and what I'll be putting on this account!

Name's Decimal, and Deci is a cute nickname I like being called by... and more often than not, I'm a horny mess.

I'll probably be posting and boosting lewd, kinky things here mostly, and honestly a lot of them are gonna be hypnosis/mind control related!

I try to be open and friendly, so if you want to chat, send a toot! Always looking to make new friends, kinky or not!

Transphobia, State Violence Against Minors 

scam call (us social security admin) 

when your system puts 'non-binary' between the two poles of 'man' and 'woman', this rather suggests you may not have entirely understood the concept

I jumped on the whole planesona thing when a lot of my friends were ragging on 'em

They stopped when I made a really cute one

wish i lived in a country where the genuinely best solution to most medical problems isn't just "deal with it, medicine is for rich people"

Here's a take: Media designed to manipulate people is unsuitable for children who might be more susceptible to that sort of thing. As such, all advertisements are unsuitable for children and should not be shown in public.

right wing image that's actually making antifa look good 

Size difference porn 

best thing i've ever heard about labels: "as any cat will tell you, putting yourself in a box is completely different from someone else putting you in a box"

hey fun historical fact, did you know Reagan hated unions so much, he fired 11,345 air traffic controllers in the US to break their union, and also banned them from working gov't jobs for life.

#IAmNonbinary I'm punk rock, a person of color, and enjoy breakfast more than any other meal of the day. I'm an artist as a hobby and someday I'd love to become a doctor, because helping people gives me the drive to keep going! Have a good one y'all!

what to do when Nazis show up at your anti-war rally 

is edging that thing where you're talking to someone on discord and they just flash "X is typing..." on and off for like half a fuckin hour and never hit the send button

Personally, I think that if a veteran realizes how utterly fucked up and horrific it is to serve the military and devotes their life to actively opposing imperialism, then theyā€™re welcome in the Left. That said, if a person who is a victim of American imperialism says ā€œnah, fuck youā€ thereā€™s really no valid reason to deny them that. Itā€™s understandable and completely justified. Forgiveness is a gift not an obligation.


The worst things I see come from any fandom are definitely "Prison AU"s

"Here's my cute ship where one is abusing their power to harass their crush and strip them of their basic rights wow so cute uwu"

Like, please consider finding a healthy consensual power dynamic instead jfc

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