I miss the days when I could enjoy a cup of coffee in my classroom in a regular mug and in the presence of others.

work neg mh 

Yesterday was apparently Teacher Appreciation Day, but that's a bit easy to forget when you don't feel particularly appreciated by anyone.

In fact, all I received was verbal abuse from a student for asking them to properly wear their mask. That was sort of a tipping point for me mentally.

I've tried to keep my head above water throughout the school year, but yesterday was too much.

I'm tired and wish the year was over already.

Just over 4 weeks of work left before I get a break for the summer! This school year has been a long one, and I think we're all past due for some time off.

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Hey folks!

Just recently joined and thought I'd take a moment to say hello to everyone.

I look forward to hanging out and getting to know all the great people here. :)


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