Did you know:
If you've stopped wearing masks, you can simply start wearing masks again

I think there's a bit of a mindset about face masks that once you lapse on wearing them that's you fucked it. You fell off + L + Ratio. And I don't think the general vibe of "we've collectively given up" helps on that much.
No it's fine tho you can just... start wearing masks again.

@CruelPatient Buddy, go fuck yourself. I am neither addressing nor interested in addressing anti-mask people, and I'm not interested in engaging with someone who makes their second ever post on this webbed site some passive aggressive crock of shit about how mask wearers have The Bad Brain and They're Out To Get You.

tl;dr - get blocked ya dobber

@DotMaetrix @CruelPatient wore masks first where I am because late 2019 early 2020 the bushfire smoke was so thick in Canberra. COVID was a surprise ~return to masks months later.

great they're normalised now as when hay fever got bad this year in Spring Pitta masks helped a lot walking with the dog.

COVID cases keep rising here I'll be back to those masks too soon enough. seatbelts also generated hysteria when new.

@busabx @DotMaetrix @CruelPatient

Yep. Me too. Wore masks in 2003, 2006, 2009, 2020 pre-Covid and intermittently during precautionary burns, and ever since. The only change is from a mask with a one-way valve (for smoke) to a mask without a one-way valve.

@CruelPatient @DotMaetrix

Yes, mask-wearing is a choice.

It is a choice to care about your community. It's a choice to count your neighbor's life and livelihood as more important than a minor inconvenience.

"People who need to wear masks will" -- well, for others to be out in public safely, you need to wear a mask. Public health is not something that can be dealt with on an individual basis.

#MaskUp #COVID #PublicHealth #Community #Equity #Accessibility #Pandemic #COVIDisNotOver #Disability

@bookwyrm @CruelPatient @DotMaetrix I'm immunosuppressed, so, when I leave my house (which isn't all that often), I'm double-masked (KN95 and surgical level 3).

My doctor spent 35+ years keeping me alive until I got sick enough to get my kidney. I'm not taking any chances!

PS Please wear a mask (unless you have a good reason not to). It saves lives.

@CruelPatient @DotMaetrix I was stationed in South Korea in the 80s. People were wearing masks then because they believed it was their duty to protect others. Didn’t matter if they just had a cold - it was about caring for others well being. You can have Covid and not even know it - why take a chance on harming others?

long, rant 

@CruelPatient @DotMaetrix I got covid precisely because of this "actually we don't need masks anymore" attitude FROM OTHERS. Thanks for nothing!!

what is absurd is people like you who value more immediate comfort than protecting yourself and others

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling enforced"... I sincerely hope you're at least not dumb enough to not wear seatbelts when in a car, or not use protection when having sex with untested partners.

@CruelPatient @DotMaetrix Well, shouldn’t you be scared not to? I mean, going maskless when there’s a serious respiratory virus floating around that can render you disabled doesn’t sound like a smart move to me. I also wear seatbelts when I drive because I’m scared not to, and I don’t drive drunk because I’m scared of what would happen if I did. Fear is not always a bad thing.

@CruelPatient @DotMaetrix In a red zone? Time to mask up. This just really needs to become a cultural norm for a while.

We’re hurting ourselves and everyone else otherwise.

I’ve been dealing with long Covid for almost three months now and all the medical literature reads Covid can “destroy systems” - cardio, respiratory, GI. Pick a card.

It’s all fine and well til you’re the one hit hard. Only way to avoid it - avoid Covid until it exhausts itself somehow.

@DotMaetrix I try not to beat myself up over consistency in taking COVID precautions.

@DotMaetrix I'll be honest, I do feel like that sometimes.

@DotMaetrix Yep. You don’t even have to “stop” and “start”, you can wear them sometimes, when you feel you want/need to.

@DotMaetrix I never stopped, on public transport. Indeed am in mine right now. The hawking, deep coughing, snuffling all around does not make me suffer FOMO 🙄😏

@DotMaetrix @dianajspencer I also never stopped but for those who did, I LOVE the message that the stopping is COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE ANYTIME YOU WANT!

@IPEdmonton @DotMaetrix @dianajspencer as a human who’s reverse-stopped wearing a mask publicly, I can attest to its efficacy.

@DotMaetrix I'm in a city (Vienna) where masks have been mandatory on public transport since April 2020.

@ChrisInWien Nice. I'm in Scotland and we kinda drifted from "masks required" to "Masks recommended" to "lol, lmao, good luck with that" pretty quickly.

@ChrisInWien @DotMaetrix sadly it’s only vienna, the rest of Austria is in denial of reality phase.

@DotMaetrix and businesses that want to, can post signs saying “Masks Required for entry”… My vet has one, the clock repair fellow - there is still one up at the Canadian Tire I go to (not everyone wears one there but many do).

@DotMaetrix oh my gosh, you mean you can keep yourself and others safer, simply by beginning to do something you've done in the past? Imagine, being a decent person!

@DotMaetrix ironically there is an autistic interpretation of this that the isolation has enacted on me and it’s rough lol

@chhopsky haha oh god I had a brief moment where I was like "o shit what if someone thinks I'm talking about the other kind of masking" after posting but figured nah it's fine. But yeah I specifically meant it in the covid context. Definitely not endorsing having to mask autism or any other kind of neurodiversity repression. Sorry about that

@DotMaetrix i knew what you meant, i found the fitting irony hilarious with its brutal accuracy haha

@DotMaetrix I did, but mostly in crowded settings. And I changed from my normal cloth mask to an N95, since most around me are not masking, the mask is no longer to protect them, but me.

@coldfish yeah I REALLY need to look in to getting one of those.

@DotMaetrix I'll say this about #COVID and #mask wearing. Initially wearing a mask was really awkward, but now it makes me feel more like I'm walking around in my own little world. Oh, and at a busy day in the grocery store, I was one of 3 people wearing masks. #JoeBiden and the #CDC have done an excellent job of convincing people the #pandemic is over.

@DotMaetrix haven’t stopped wearing mine, and I haven’t been since I started wearing one.

@DotMaetrix I’m currently sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and am the only masked pertin sight.

@DotMaetrix There must be a few others like me who utterly LOVE to wear masks..? I mean, I know I’m a little neurodivergent and am very good at hiding that behind a public persona irl, but I LOVE masks like curling up under a blanket, with a cat/book on my lap, and a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.
Even if they end Covid with a magic bullet one day, I’m never gonna stop wearing masks—I’ll just pretend I’ve always got a cold or something… #MaskLover

@DotMaetrix this! Gosh it’s just cold out there. Why aren’t people wanting to at least keep their face warm? I get I am in the US which is ableist af and Biden + CDC have worked hard to try and convince people that it’s just normal to have people dying, half a school out with some mystery illness, and hospitals filled almost/full capacity… but that doesn’t mean it has to be this way! Just… put the mask back on!


I come oot in plooks wi a mask, bit I div weer the mask fin I hiv til.


Pro tip: If you never stop wearing masks, you don't even have to start. You're already doing the right thing and have been all along.


@DotMaetrix i'm being mostly sarcastic / "if only people knew that"

@DrLizNW @DotMaetrix
Thanks for doing so!

I never stopped, but working in a clinic always worried about getting other folks sick 😷

Would anyone find information about why/how/to what degree masks work useful? Considering all this "masks don't work" narrative?

Would anyone find information about these false dichotomies (black & white comparisons, e.g., "don't work") useful?

Not interested in "convincing" anyone as much as just providing relevant information.

From my perspective, it would be the most helpful to message that that there is STILL a need to mask. I work at a school of public health where faculty rarely wear masks in the office. We know that masks work. We don't really accept that reinfection is dangerous and it doesn't matter that we are all vaccinated. I think we are also getting desperate for face to face professional communication that is not through a screen. My 2 cents.

@DrLizNW @DotMaetrix
Thank you for your valuable insight!

I will work on addressing the continuing need to mask and reinfection hazard as topics for more #PublicHealth education.

You are right that we are missing direct human interactions. My hope is that some industrial engineers will figure out a backwards-compatible way to improve indoor air quality relatively cheaply so sharing spaces in-person is less risky.

Thank you! Truly appreciate this conversation!

@DotMaetrix Never stopped here either. We are adults and we should know to take care of each other.

@DotMaetrix I've never stopped while indoors. It just is good sense to not spread germs. And during flu season let alone covid outbreaks, I would appreciate it if more people didn't want to spread their's or their kids' germs. The flu is horrible and getting worse and covid is getting smarter and not fun at all.
It just makes sense.

@DotMaetrix I wish!

(I'm not allowed to wear masks for another few months as I can't compress the nose after having surgery on it, and it sucks)

@DotMaetrix Still wearing FFP2 masks in shops here. Thankfully, nobody seems to mine in these parts (Ayrshire, Scotland).

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