Dear every program ever:

If you are going to use a fixed color for the background of the window, please also use a fixed color for the text, and not the system color.

You are very much liable to make your program unreadable for some people, until they go out of their way to change their theme.

And that is crap.

@Facet Same goes the other way round *glares at Firefox for certain login windows*

@Facet or maybe don't have a fixed bg? Either way big thank

@cant_into Yeah, generally "any combination of things that is liable to incur low-to-zero contrast readability" shouldn't be happening.

@Facet just let people do what they want!
I thought we all liked Unix.

@Facet seriously, this! I see this in Firefox all the time, people set CSS background color but do not set the foreground color. Why would you do that??
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