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I've been thinking lately about what it is I enjoy about completionism in games. A lot of it is just relaxing and enjoying the act of filling in lists, but there's a lot more to it than that, and things I want to see from doing it. A pretty important one is, if completion involves getting really rare of powerful items, I'd like for there to be content where those things can be used to good effect, instead of just, "congrats on the thing, nothing to do but beat the game now!"

games, completionism 

I'd want there to be some kind of content where having that powerful stuff is warranted, like a challenge mode or a hard new game+ or something.

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games, completionism 

As for stuff being missable, it's fine if there is missable stuff, but it has to be wither consistently featuring missables in apparent situations, or having every single thing able to be revisited.

I played a couple games lately that just had one or two missables total, and they were both obscure, out of the way, and not explicitly mentioned at all. Also effectively useless.

So in the end I have this one empty space in my item list that feels like a slight for no reason.

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