strange, radio 

So... Today I woke up to a strange situation.

Normally I have my alarm clock set to no station, so it'll play static as white noise to wake up to. Because the buzzer setting is way too loud, and not subject to volume control.

Except... Today it wasn't nothing. Today it was jazz. At the moment, it was some kind of freeform song, where a sax player, pianist, and drummer were all playing as if no one else was in the room.

It got better, but that's just the start.


strange, radio 

The DJ came on at a point and mentioned their website, so I got out of my confused half-sleep and checked it out. The "coming up" section has had me... Still very confused.

strange, radio 

This is just, such a bizarre convergence of events. What I thought was dead air was actually a station all along, that's been there for a long time? They have all these, different variety shows that sound vaguely furry?

This is not the start to my day I was expecting.

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