Periodic reminder that "Just google it" is dangerous advice. You're asking someone with professed ignorance of a topic to wade through a sea of adversarial SEO hacks and deliberate misinformation. This is how people fall for e.g. the propaganda from Autism Speaks.


@jaycie I've similarly heard (but not been openly privy to) arguments like "if you aren't informed by now, clearly you don't want to be informed, and I don't have the energy to deal with someone like that" and it's like...

At that point you're just telling them they're not wanted, aren't worthy of being helped, and that they're better off being your enemy.

You could at the very least provide known good sources for people to start from, you know? Or cautions of groups to be wary of.

@Facet We can blame sealioning for no small part of how many of those people have been legitimately exhausted (among many other contributing factors).

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