@matt Oh, I've been playing these hot releases from nintendo for many years. Funny how they replaced gyms and badges with the hopes and dreams of earnest fan creators.

@Facet it's so cool how you can link up your gameboy with your friend's to share Pokémon, and they're automatically included as a party to the lawsuit. Technology's amazing


@matt Bold of them to make a literally impossible game made to make you feel ashamed of having tried, where even if you manage to get all the way to the end, they greet you in the hall of fame with an escort of cops and you instead get made a public example of in the most brutally demoralizing legal proceeding of all time, all set to a jaunty tune sure to evoke nostalgia in 10 lifetimes when your sentence is up.

@matt At this point I don't remember when the game ended and the cop raid began. It's all so immersive these days.

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