dA link 

I don't know what I was expecting searching for this, but I did find this absolute blessing.


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mega man zero 2, not spoilers, trans 

Zero is confirmed trans.

Okay now I've poked through the entire itch.io bundle and picked out everything I'd like to at least entertain trying. Let's see how many I--

strange, radio 

The DJ came on at a point and mentioned their website, so I got out of my confused half-sleep and checked it out. The "coming up" section has had me... Still very confused.

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Romancing SaGa 3, mh solidarity 

Mood, elephant friend. Mood.

Bloodstained, speedrun 

Theoretical "traveling in style" build:

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corporate internet gripe 

Attention every single website ever:

Do not do this. If you absolutely must, give me the option to disable it.

I'm an adult, I can curate my own content. Thank you.

(Note, this is not about the specific site doing it. It's a general statement about the greater environment that makes these kinds of things relatively common.)

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