privilege thoughts, potentially divisive 

And that's not to say that like, you can't use privileges as a way to understand how your life has been twisted against your hand, ways you're systematically disadvantaged.

But it doesn't mean it's just, a weapon you can wield back on people, as if it means any given individual owes you something for it.

Especially when you don't know what other privileges they're missing, that's affecting their life and opportunities just as negatively.

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privilege thoughts, potentially divisive 

However, privilege in itself is not a suffering-o-meter. If two people count the number of privileges they have, and one person comes out with more, you have not found a situation where one person owes the other something on an inherent or direct level, and you have not isolated which of the two people is having a worse life.

And more importantly, you cannot use a single privilege's comparison to make such a determination.

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privilege thoughts, potentially divisive 

Something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and recently reminded about is...

And I'm sorry if this ends up coming out harsh or judgmental, or like it's a personal callout, because it isn't, at all. But.

Privilege is an extremely important social concept, that we can learn a lot about the suffering of and social leveraging around many different groups with.

@Lenalia "character that's half white on black, half black on white" is a mood I forgot about for a long time.

on consoles and superior libraries 

"With a few exceptions, most of the catalog of that console is bad!"

Congratulations, you've described every console, within the lens of subjective quality and generalizing prominent titles to a picture of the entire catalog, as you happen to be doing.

poll, more talking about my own dailydraws, sorry 

@heyheather I love your draws! I don't always catch em all so to speak, but they're a joy.

Anyway, IMO a good approach would be to continue doing whatever, but if you're having a hard time coming up with a whatever, fall back to another pokemon you haven't done yet.

Twitch Stream 

This is the very last night for Ys Origin, latter half of the third story. I don't know how the final conclusion is going to play out yet, but we're approaching what sounds like a different conclusion from the others.

Let's see what all this brings.

@extinct Imagine being so disconnected by media that you think you can handle real life villains the way you conflict resolve in a kids' show.

tech stuff, gaming on windows vm 

@chirrveon Well, it was worth a shot. And at least things are working now.

long, personal thoughts only 

@Felthry Flathead use I've always associated with "easy, works, doesn't strip" and anything else has been more of a "liable to strip, extra expense to be able to try at all, looking up charts and things to make sure you're using the exact right size, issues with my less-than-great dexterity, making mistakes that ruin things"

But I'm also not a big tools-related-stuff person and that's probably a lot of it.

Twitch Stream 

It's time for Ys Origin, bonus round! It's time for Toal! Not sure what to expect in a lot of senses, but it's time to get to the bottom of it.

And so we shall!

Might be the last night of the Ys 6 engine altogether, though. I'll miss it.

@jess One of the big problems with brony as a fandom is a lot of its formation stemmed from chan and SA. Not to say that the fandom as a whole is essentially tied to or indicative of those places, but you can pretty openly see how a lot of their accepted social norms and vernacular mirror those of those places as a base.

That more than "grown ups enjoying media for children" is a lot of what made their public perception a negative one. That was just the straw man, and it got bought.

@RustyRetro maybe you could find some manner of external phone keyboard for that kind of stuff. I dunno how you'd handle like, supporting the whole at that point, but maybe products have solved this problem already.

@jess It's been pretty heavily associated with "the behaviors of the mentally handicapped" for a pretty long time; longer than it was associated with that one MLP character. In fact, said character was fan-named what she was because the fandom elected to perceive her as a vehicle for said associations.

@RachelRox I'm grateful that you are! Your efforts are worthwhile.

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