I drew some stuff in the drawpile today. The red cat is VAdaPEGA's character Pantufa the Cat / Toof. The yellow/white critter is one of my own.

bird site 

I was planning to do a watch part of the new Chip and Dale movie on Discord with some friends, but nightmare birdsite spoiled parts of the movie within 30 seconds of me clicking the website

so I'm just gonna go ahead and watch it now

Netflix: The Creature Cases 

Only the teamwork episode forced the characters to regress their usual team dynamic in order to push the moral of "work together". Awkward, since it's the current season end.

The background score is fine. But the foreground music generally feels like not much time or care went into it. This becomes bizarre when the core gimmick of the skunk twins is that they perform concerts and have a recurring song and dance every episode.

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Netflix: The Creature Cases 

Just finished watching Creature Cases on Netflix. It's pretty cute, and feels like the writers were really drawing from a good mix of real life experiences and movie/book influences! I had fun. Might draw fanart later.

Some flaws though:

The forced educational messages were OK. It's no intrusive than the Letters to Celestia or "Sonic Sez".
Was that a budget cut?

Ever saw a puppy paddle up a waterfall? Now you have! Water cubes will be another gimmick you can use in Shang Mu Architect o v o

They are borderless smart pools you can enter from all four sides! They can be placed anywhere above global water, which presents new platforming opportunities.

(Anyone familiar with Kirby, or the Samurai Pizza Cats' Famicom game, will see where I got some inspiration! o v o )

Videogames, Violence, Super Animal Royale 

A spontaneous psuedo-RP happened where a Dogna clone and a bunny maid were going to build a raft and try to leave the island.

Except, it doesn't work because Skunk Gas starts on the edge of the map.

I wonder what the lore is behind the skunk gas? Where does it come from? Is SAW/SAR pumping in the gas intentionally?

Not much coding done today, mostly was trying to migrate sn app from Glass fish 3 to Payara 5 or Glassfish 5 or TomEE. It fails to deploy on Payara with an issue loading oauth. It will deploy on Glassfish 5, but gives illegal state exceptions. I didn't figure out how to setup JDBC in TomEE.

I have pretty much no idea what I plan to post about, but I have an account now.


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