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if you follow me you're gay

I don't make the rules

do instance invites expire? if not can someone drop me an invite to snouts?

hacknet spoilers 

@Hulex there's just this really massive tonal shift from feeling like a goddamn superhero hacker doing the entech sequencer attack while Roller Mobster is blasting, immediately followed up with the really somber stopping porthack.heart, Bit talking to you, and the meta implication that the game itself is the last remaining copy of the hacknet software and you have to delete it to finish the job

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hacknet spoilers 

@Hulex I've been thinking about the song that plays during the voiced ending of the game, "Bit" and it's kinda fucking me up

like it sounds like a tune that suggests closure, but it's still really meloncholy, and then it ends with the sad piano, so it really gives this mood of like... has anything you've done during the game really mattered? you've maybe impacted a single company's stock prices a bit, but there's no real justice and Bit is still dead

I've decided that it's canon that sendaens make cat noises because each one is basically made out of a piece of internet and the internet fucking loves cats

it's nice not being bound to any real animal and being able to just sorta cut loose with her design/anatomy

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I'm super super hyped for my character rework and I hope you all like her

witty original joke intentionally confusing the concept of economic inflation with furry kink inflation

tbh I'm considering migrating to snouts, I know precisely one person on this instance

I'm making a new file in my dropbox for keeping track of commission ideas I want to get with friends so that I drop making tentative plans to get art with people and then completely forgetting

genitals, character design 

I was originally going to have it so that galu only ever has a human vagina but thinking about it more sergal pussy is frankly too enticing to pass up having sometimes

I'm not usually up at this time of day and I've got to kill another hour before I go to work

kink discuss, hypno/mc, suicide mention, hospital 

is it weird that kinks that involve some degree (often significant) of mental alteration are among my favourites when IRL i'm so averse to any sort of drugs/etc that cause altered mental state ever since i spent a night in the hospital tripping fucking balls and hallucinating after my suicide attempt

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