An underdiscussed feature of Hawaii is that feral chickens are everywhere. Domestic chickens, their native ancestor junglefowl, and crossbreeds are just part of the local spectrum of parking lot birds. We have a couple of resident hens who've had chicks since we got here.

About two months old now, this one's mother insists he should be out on his own. This notion distressed him quite a bit at first, and he started coming to the door looking to us for company. We let him inside once, and now he's a regular visitor. We named him Iglett.

For a couple of weeks Iglett would visit us every evening after his mom ditched him, and he would come inside for attention and petting and to roost in laps and on shoulders, and we'd put him up in a tree outside once it got dark. He's putting himself to bed like a good boy now. I wonder if we'll be getting any more of those evening visits.


We put Iglett in a coop across the road when he started waking Van up with crowing. He seems much happier and much less skittish there in the company of other chickens. He also has really pretty feathers now.

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