Igloo has a new chick! It looks nothing like her because we took fertile eggs out of the coop and snuck them into her nest.

NSFW furry art: gay rat rimming 

NSFW furry art: a naked paladin 

NSFW furry art: bathroom bondage 

NSFW furry art: bat bloke ref sheet 

I finally tried playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time this year, so I may as well share my character. Nothing says "classic fantasy" like a chainmail bikini, right?

NSFW furry art: naked Gavin doodle 

NSFW furry art: gay feral-anthro-booze 

NSFW furry art: lady dog sheath 

NSFW furry art: lady fox butt 

Commission for Jellyfang. Tired of restless leg syndrome? Doctors don't want you to know this one weird trick.

NSFW furry art: marten boy, horsey toy 

NSFW furry art: naked rodents 

We put Iglett in a coop across the road when he started waking Van up with crowing. He seems much happier and much less skittish there in the company of other chickens. He also has really pretty feathers now.

NSFW furry art: light gay bondage 

NSFW furry art: uncut marten 

NSFW furry art: impractical armor 

Commission for Zarmir (furaffinity.net/user/Zarmir).  Zeya is sometimes a bad girl, but always a good girl.

NSFW furry art: pain play 

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