NSFW furry art: fake strap-on 

Commission for Electra.  Maybe this will fool someone.

NSFW furry art: spandex bulge 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/FrankieAn.  The suit doesn't quite hide everything.

NSFW furry art: ref sheet, male and female 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/HellDorad.  Double ref sheet go!

I'm open for commissions!  If anyone is interested, feel free to get in touch by Telegram (@GavUnimpressive), Discord (Gavin#1368), or DMs to discuss.  If you'd like to support my art, I also have a tip jar at ko-fi.com/unimpressive/ .  Thank you for your interest in my work!

NSFW furry art: bondage and cunnilingus 

Commission for @SimonTesla , a birthday gift for @Tris_the_mouse .  Many happy returns!

NSFW furry art: raccoon dog bits 

Commission for inkbunny.net/Dahan of a new character with some pronounced assets.  Well, maybe less pronounced than you might expect.

Mature furry art: dinosaur cameltoe 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/user_55.  It just seems a little skimpy, is all.

NSFW furry art: nonanthro dog, condom use 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/Suel.  Niko always tries to have the appropriate vessel for your choice of beverage.

NSFW furry art: hetero cowgirl 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/QuincyCon of Dearbháil being a good houseguest.

I almost never do personal art anymore.  Here's a drawing of my D&D character that I did during a session.

Mature furry art: wyvern panties 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/User_55 of an easy nostalgia trip.

NSFW furry art: nonanthro bird 

Commission for @nytpu of their bird getting buzzed.

Commission for Kefen of their DnD character and faithful companion.

NSFW furry art: standing straight sex 

Commission for furaffinity.net/user/Field, moments before these two find a less precarious position.

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