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reminder that ya boi is on snouts now

Im going to slam my head against

my pillow and have a nice sleep

Every series of 4 images in one post will never not b extensively searched for Loss

Honestly? Even if you don't like Call of Duty, I think you should give Black Ops 1's campaign a playthrough, it's really good

actually yeah Treyarch put Black Ops 1 and 2 on there that'd actually be really dope

you can already play mayro and zeldy so many times

I've played Bayonetta to death

I've finished the RE Revelations games and I've worn myself out on Raid Mode

I'm excited for Smash but
it's Smash

I want a fucking good ass 3rd party game on it
fucking port Call of Duty to it I dont give a shit just give me SOMETHING good

I'm not talking about another Nintendo game

I bought a Switch to play loads of 3rd party games on the go and there's been a lack of games I want to play/dont already own on other consoles on the thing

It's collecting dust and I WANT to use it, but feel no drive to

I need a really good Switch game to come out already

Am I the only one with an odd childish fear of halloween decorations that are essentially 6 foot tall statues that move and make noise?
I've been this way for my whole life and never really got over that irrational fear

@nalos your icon's eyes look like eggs and I cant unsee it as Nalos just having slapped eggs on his eyes

I had a dream where I guess my backpack became an evil shadow monster and practically left me for dead and took my debit card, then assumed the form of Josh Peck and bought a $100 hat, prompting me to go into a Disney Store and try to get the workers to help me find him, but a bunch of memes and internet figures started manifesting and me and a new resistance had to fend them off

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