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Hihi new Masto folks! I'm an enby Yoshi who does gamedev on occasion! I'm currently dabbling in SNES homebrew and Godot Engine. I also run Linux!

Have some pics of my Yoshisona!

Played some Tetris 99 last night and tonight. Managed to place 1st six times

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As much as I want to try out the shiny new stuff on Switch, I'm going to have to test my micro SD card first. Apparently there's a specific model of card with counterfeit versions that cause the Piranha Plant save corruption glitch. And... I bought that model.

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Is it weird that I almost want to play through DK64 again?

Hey, so who is taking commissions and would be interested in turning me into a roo

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Aaaaaaaaaa last night I was reminded that DK64's K. Lumsy is a thing

It's still snowing huh...

I guess I'm gonna have to go out to get groceries eventually.

Having the ability to produce my own EXEs of my games instead of just feeding my program to someone else's EXE is so freeing. But it also leaves me feeling kind of naked. I'm gonna have to find a good way to auto generate packages for multiple operating systems at once. Kind of surprised that there isn't really much in the way of software or services to do this for you.

New game!

This is Flowerhead, which I made for a Secret Santa event at Glorious Trainwrecks. The recipient wanted something involving flowers and relaxation. Play it here:

This marks my first release with my (WIP) new custom game engine, Keeshond.

What the hell are you talking about, they look basically the same

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