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Fat Gay Dinosaur @HihiDanni@chitter.xyz

Is there a 68k programmer who _isn't_ full of themself

Oops, turns out the buildsystem wasn't quite working on native Windows. Should be fixed in this version.


SHA256: 9cd089dec223a982b73bbc3ba8edbe5e2ba31a9dceba29c71deab6d8fd178e47

This is the first time I've made a big thing for making things and had someone else use it. It feels weird.

Gonna take a short break after releasing Superfeather 0.5. This week I'd like to pixel a new ref of my Yoshisona

hey everybody. decky and I are still looking for much-needed donations to keep up with costs of living. I've updated my donations page to reflect what's changed over the past few months: skirtdingo.neocities.org/donat

please share, and donate if you can. thank you!

Boost this toot if ur a real gay animal

Version 0.5 of my Superfeather SNES Framework is out, codenamed "Flying Kobold"


This archive includes precompiled binaries, so please verify checksums!

MD5: 669262526d62ca2f69ffee81e4a4a2b5
SHA1: 63d7a3288ab999483772285cb2e4bd40f2d6aae4
SHA256: 34c9cc334d2a06607ad1541b484a13ce3e319d56ab172220527d8a933d2c6156

Artwork by @sadie_bunny ! chitter.xyz/media/jeioKUR5wgee

Today I found an interesting bug in my SNES framework's crash handler.

If the stack goes haywire and the stack pointer points to read-only memory, the crash information never gets displayed on-screen and it gets stuck in a loop of initiating the crash handler. Now the code is able to detect this condition and recover.

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@Tusky Hi, do you think you could add in an option for setting the default post privacy setting? It keeps defaulting to "followers only" but most of the time I just want "unlisted".

Hi, I'm a Yoshi. I'm interested in games theory, gamedev, and game engines. Currently I program in C++, C#, Lua, and 65816 ASM. Plasma 5 is my current DE.

I've made LOVE2D-based game engine in the past, but now I'm making an engine for the SNES! It's been fun and really interesting so far.

I can also do some pixel art. Here is a simulated-NTSC dragon friendo from one of my engine examples! chitter.xyz/media/AggNGO9bptk6

Reposting without CW since folks seem to have missed it.

Despite the warmth and close-knitness of Masto right now, I'm still feeling very alone.

If you know of anyone who would be a good friend and help me break into the clique, it would mean the world to me.

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O loke to oat, oat, oat, oapples ond bononos

Feeling like I can work on SNES stuff after work on a Monday which is a nice change of pace