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Hihi new Masto folks! I'm an enby Yoshi who does gamedev on occasion! I'm currently dabbling in SNES homebrew and Godot Engine. I also run Linux!

Have some pics of my Yoshisona!

Anyone ever notice how Yoshi's Egg Throw in Smash is almost a Y-inverted Hadouken input and practically serves the same purpose

As far as getting a good laptop configuration out of the box, I feel like Linux has definitely made some good progress since about nine years ago, even if you're installing a distro like Arch

Went and installed Arch Linux, the same distro I use on my desktop, so that I have familiarity and the same selection of software with me. It went pretty well, which is to be expected from a Thinkpad Txxx, but still.

One exception: if you have a model with the nVidia hybrid graphics, blacklist nouveau! It will only cause problems in the form of frequent long freezes. Instead, install the proprietary nVidia driver, along with Bumblebee, so that the nVidia GPU is power-managed properly (saves 4w)

The thing shipped with Windows 10... I made a vow to myself never to have Windows 10 on anything I owned, but oh well, here we are.

I like that you can just pick a favorite color and have it applied to the whole UI (and best to apply it to window titlebars too so they don't look like blank white HTML pages)

I don't like that Microsoft basically gives themselves free reign over what gets installed, uninstalled, and shoved in your face. I only spent an hour before I went and installed Linux.

Last Friday I got a new laptop: a ThinkPad T480. I really like it - it feels like a big upgrade from my old T400 in almost every way. I plan to use it on the weekends to work on hobby stuff outside the apartment, and hook it up to my TV at home for couch gaming. It doesn't exactly have the horsepower for high-end AAA stuff but I don't really care.

Sysadmin question: How do I make it so that Nginx properly reloads the Let's Encrypt certificate when it gets renewed, so that pages don't get a "cert expired" notice? I thought I set up the renew hook for it but apparently it's not working?

"Box flaps are like fidget spinners for cats" - a thing I said apparently

I have no explanation for why she's doing this:

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Alright, so if I have this straight:

- Intel ME (Management Engine) is on all new Intel CPUs, vPro or not.
- Intel AMT is only included with vPro CPUs.
- Intel ME provides basic power-on functionality (so it does more than just the remote IT administration stuff)
- Intel AMT is what connects ME to the OS
- Intel ME doesn't work over wifi without AMT because it uses its own network stack

Is this accurate?

Question: Is it "safe" to get a laptop with vPro?

Context: Considering getting a ThinkPad T480 to replace my 9 year old laptop. For some weird reason you are only allowed to add the nVidia graphics if you also select a vPro CPU.

I've heard that there's an option to "permanently disable" the vPro features in some BIOSes and this supposedly blanks out the management instructions from the chip and disconnects from it. Has anyone been able to verify that this works?

"We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used."

Anything times zero is still zero

Hey so if you are making a game:

Please, please, *please* add visible health indicators to bosses. And no, indication of progress isn't good enough. You should be able to see how close you are to beating the boss. This is especially important for difficult games where it's very easy for players to get discouraged!

It only takes like ten minutes to give the boss a health meter.

As a kid I thought Mario as a character was overrated because Yoshi could do everything Mario could and then some.

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