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Fat Gay Dinosaur @HihiDanni@chitter.xyz

Current aesthetic: what if Top Hunter Roddy & Cathy but everyone is a dragon furry

Okay I've reached my "angry at computers" quota for now. Just wanna settle down and be nice and gentle..

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Are there going to be any Masto meetups for people who are in other states?

Was wondering why SwiftKey became free not too long ago. Found that suspicious and went on SwiftKey's website. Clicked on "Privacy Policy" and it redirected to Microsoft's generic privacy policy page. So uhh I guess Microsoft owns SwiftKey now.

Given how much I trust Microsoft and Windows 10 (I don't), needless to say I'm looking for an alternative keyboard for Android, preferably open source. Anyone have suggestions?

LB: I don't really get motion sickness but a lot of games lately have Vlambeer levels of screen shake and for me it makes it almost impossible to tell what's going on

There is a worrying trend of more and more new 2D games with an always-on screen shake effect. Some people get nausea from such effects. If you do too, feel free to join our Steam group that tries fight against this trend by asking developers not to force such effects on players steamcommunity.com/groups/make #linux #gaming #linuxgaming

Remember when Humble Bundle was about DRM-free cross platform games? I do.

It didn't take long until it was about unsustainably cheap Steam keys for Windows-only games

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Every time I do pacman -Syu, am secretly hoping I'll get the vaporware nVidia driver update that finally removes microstutter and lets me use Wayland

Folks! I need help paying rent and my bills this upcoming month- consider commissioning me, or donating:


Please pass the hat! Thank you! ^_^

cybre.space/media/QoHUPc2zI9ve hAttps://cybre.space/media/K9xsB1IOVCLmicB73Bk cybre.space/media/wFwtbiIuJp1B

pls help my friend:
tl;dr he lives in Alaska and needs at least $1500 in order to have a car, which is pretty much essential.
Links+more info in tumblr post:


Old Vines: I Did a Pannenkoek Glitch on Real Hardware edition chitter.xyz/media/4CLObqiLbLmj

Old Vines: Shmup Doom edition volume 2

This is a mod I've been working on. Still unreleased. Maybe some day... chitter.xyz/media/f5wQVGUaMOBl