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Fat Gay Dinosaur @HihiDanni@chitter.xyz

Always feel kinda guilty when I say Eggman because I know there are people who prefer Robotnik.

What's this about being able to star things with emoji?

Badly describe a fav game: A bunch of tiny people who all look the same complain about wanting to use the bathroom Show more

Badly describe a fav game: Evil scientist turns the Death Star into an Akira ripoff Show more

Badly describe a fav game: You destroy a tower by building it Show more

I know I shouldn't read YouTube comments, but


Venting about console wars Show more

Venting about console wars Show more

Venting about console wars Show more

Me: "Hmm, what's this Genesis game? Might be interesting, I'll look it up on YouTube. Oh, this is kinda interesting."

*scrolls down to comments, sees loud abusive Sega fans*

Me: "Oh, never mind."

Sigh, Tusky doesn't prompt on RT, which is way easier to do by accident on a mobile device where "click" and "scroll" occupy the same screen area.

Is there a better Android client out there?

Siiiigh why can't everyone just use Qt

Okay so despite having enabled the Ribbon UI, LibreOffice is still overwhelmingly ugly on KDE. Excessive levels of padding in some places, and missing padding and Windows 95-style widgets in others.

This seems to be a pretty common thing with any sort of open source software that tries to integrate with GTK.


Wait, LibreOffice has an option for a Ribbon-style UI now? I might actually like using LibreOffice for once.

Mario X-COM spoilers? Show more