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Hihi new Masto folks! I'm an enby Yoshi who does gamedev on occasion! I'm currently dabbling in SNES homebrew and Godot Engine. I also run Linux!

Have some pics of my Yoshisona!

Hihi friends, decided to move on over to Come say hi!

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New Pokémon shitpost 

New Pokémon 

US politics (Oregon), housing policy (rent control), KATU 2 source link 

@srol Danni Yoshi: They hail from a village up in the clouds, where they were born without wings. Feeling out of place, they decide to descend to the earth and live amongst the people there.

In their free time they like to explore caves, and they enjoy the company of demons, whom they have much more in common with than the cloud people above

It's not even known if you can use a va_list more than once. That's also undefined! Specifically on Linux you can only use a va_list once. On other platforms maybe? Who thought this was a good idea?

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TIL about va_list and variable number of function arguments in C.

- No way to know the types of the values coming in
- No way to even know how many values are coming in
- You have to use va_start and va_end. What do they do? Nobody knows, it's underspecified
- Seriously what the hell

This is what happens when a language tries to do something clever without variadics, type generics, or closures, where it really needs variadics, type generics, and closures

Current game engine dev status:

A working Entity Component System framework! That I made myself

Imgui integration

Got rid of SRGB, it was causing too many problems

Character portraits! I made the footer taller to accommodate them and also maybe some more text. Then I drew a horse who you will definitely meet in-game at some point. I still haven’t figured out that much about what happens in this game but the horse is in, full-stop.

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When is June happening

I want Mario Maker 2 already

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