Version 0.5 of my Superfeather SNES Framework is out, codenamed "Flying Kobold"

This archive includes precompiled binaries, so please verify checksums!

MD5: 669262526d62ca2f69ffee81e4a4a2b5
SHA1: 63d7a3288ab999483772285cb2e4bd40f2d6aae4
SHA256: 34c9cc334d2a06607ad1541b484a13ce3e319d56ab172220527d8a933d2c6156

Artwork by @sadie_bunny !

Oops, turns out the buildsystem wasn't quite working on native Windows. Should be fixed in this version.

SHA256: 9cd089dec223a982b73bbc3ba8edbe5e2ba31a9dceba29c71deab6d8fd178e47

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