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Fat Gay Dinosaur @HihiDanni

Remember when Humble Bundle was about DRM-free cross platform games? I do.

It didn't take long until it was about unsustainably cheap Steam keys for Windows-only games

@HihiDanni the humble bundle that we remember and love is not the same company that humble bundle is now

figuratively and literally, they were bought by ign i.e. ziff davis

@posit This is waaaay before the whole IGN thing

@HihiDanni a bit. it definitely got worse after ign bought em tho.

@posit I'm talking as early as Humble Bundle 2 and the ramifications of their experiment to allow the purchased games to be added to the Steam library

@posit After that happened, I noticed:

1. Way more people buying games from Windows, therefore burying the people on other platforms
2. People buying games not because they wanted something DRM-free and cross platform, but because they wanted to buy massive amounts of Steam games for like a penny

@HihiDanni it was definitely not soon after that that a whole bunch of other bundle sites popped up, isnt it