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Fat Gay Dinosaur @HihiDanni

Was wondering why SwiftKey became free not too long ago. Found that suspicious and went on SwiftKey's website. Clicked on "Privacy Policy" and it redirected to Microsoft's generic privacy policy page. So uhh I guess Microsoft owns SwiftKey now.

Given how much I trust Microsoft and Windows 10 (I don't), needless to say I'm looking for an alternative keyboard for Android, preferably open source. Anyone have suggestions?

@HihiDanni AnySoftKeyboard is foss and tbh its one of my all time favourite android keyboards, so i highly recommend it

@HihiDanni id probs go so far to say its like. the best one on android currently. its the least annoying to deal with and its also not super shitty like 99% of android keyboards

@HihiDanni @posit I also use anysoft. I like that it has arrow 'keys'.

@ryliejamesthomas @HihiDanni it can have all sorts of gubbins on there, its v nice on the customization factor but its also extremely usable in its base state too which is just ✨ software perfection✨

@posit @ryliejamesthomas So far this one isn't really working well for me. The suggestions aren't very good and it doesn't even try to guess my next word, unless I have to keep using it for a while.

If I set it to start giving predictions after just one key press, it thinks I want the word to be in allcaps instead of sentence case

@ryliejamesthomas @posit Also there is no semicolon on this keyboard for some really weird reason

@ryliejamesthomas huh. thats strange ive never had those problems before. maybe hold down the colon key ?

@posit @HihiDanni For me there're a few layout issues, but I do have a semicolon! Like posit suggested, on this layout it's under the colon.

@posit @HihiDanni Oh yeah, I forgot that the suggestions are not very useful and I'd turned thrm off :(

I'm really just using it because it's pretty customisable and seemed like the only option in fdroid. Feel like I need to make my own layout at some point—

@HihiDanni i think i had it kept on so it changed light spelling errors (on medium) and that was alright but yeah its not the best autocomplete around but i dont mind bc i hate that feature

@HihiDanni microsoft bought them back in 2016

@HihiDanni yeah dunno. I use gboard (yeah I know) and in fear the other day I looked up how is privacy stacks up, and it turns out it *apparently doesn't actually keylog* which is what I was expecting TBH. If you use some features it does send them though.

@HihiDanni thanks for the information! as a temporary solution i've disabled swiftkey's internet access. i hope a good solution comes by soon.

@0x3F This is what I ended up doing as well. So far I haven't found a really comfortable replacement. I'd like to say the AOSP Keyboard but it removes the word you're typing from the center suggestion if you've fully typed it out which really throws me off (I hit the center prediction a lot)

@HihiDanni does aosp support swyping? thats my main way of typing and swiftkey does that really well.

@0x3F The one that ships with LineageOS does, yeah.

@HihiDanni there's something in f-droid. But having being habituated to the accuracy of SwiftKey, I didn't feel like adjusting to something far less capable... I forget the name though.

@HihiDanni I don't use Android and don't have any real suggestions. However! I am boosting in the hopes that others will. ^_^ All the best finding a new keyboard!! ^_^

@HihiDanni I have been a SwiftKey used since the early betas,and as soon as it was released I happily paid money for it.

I didn't know they sold to Microsoft until I read your post. Now I'm in your situation too. What should I switch to?

@HihiDanni Another suggestion:
Multiling O Keyboard. It is very configurable and has extremely good handling of multiple languages, if that's a use case for you. Also it doesn't ask for any permissions and the developer is responsive and friendly.
The downside is its learning curve though - configuration isn't very intuitive.

@HihiDanni @abgd Multiling O Keyboard might be a sensible choice, except it's not open source.