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@puppy I was asking more along the lines of "can someone recommend a good Vine-style six second camera app". I.e. square aspect ratio, small filesize videos. I know that there were a bunch of "six second camera" apps before Vine was officially released on Android

Also I thought they reopened Vine

So what exactly is the media filesize limit on Masto? Tusky doesn't want to upload anything above 4 MiB but the web interface happily accepted a 6 MiB file.

Aside: Still looking for a good Vine replacement for Masto. Suggestions welcome

Testing VRAM allocation system on SNES

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@Xkeeper Would my existing engine thread be a better fit for Projects or the new subforum?

Does anyone have details on Sonic M*nia's new encore mode?

Tbh what I'd really like is a hard difficulty

@lifning If Heavy and Bomb got an exaggerated personality like the other characters... if they got voice acting, what kinds of things do you think they'd say

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@h The github for it is here: github.com/cosmicchipsocket/su

Hope to have version 0.6 released in not too long.

Hihi Masto! Curious to see if there are any folks on here. Even if you haven't done any real dev work and are just interested in old hardware, let's be friends! Maybe form a small community too?

Please boost!

Pictured: Some of the engine stuff I've been working on.

@MightyPork Okay, now I'm confused. So you had to theme it to look native?

@MightyPork For me it always looked like a faux Windows XP titlebar thing, and not at all integrated. I had to turn on the separate, native titlebar to make the application fit in.

@MightyPork Whoa, how did you get native looking Chrome merged tabs and titlebar on KDE?

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Wowwww what a dream I had last night (furry) Show more

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