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Also if you're like me and think OpenGL's default 2D coordinate system makes no sense, here's a matrix that will turn

(-1, -1) bottom left to (1, 1) top right


(0, 0) top left to (1, 1) bottom right

[ 2 0 0 ]
[ 0 -2 0 ]
[ -1 1 1 ]

Doing more work on my Rustlang-based game engine! Don't have much to show yet but I have basic object thinkers and rendering squares, plus a viewport transformation matrix. A good start?

@dosnostalgic I recently discovered that this is included in Qt's source code as a test image

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@decivex Before YoYo Games Sandbox there was a big listing of games that Mark had maintained himself. There was also this site

@decivex Also Game Maker's commercialization started with YoYo Games. It was a lot more hobbyist back when it was just Mark Overmars.

@decivex Same thing more or less happened to Click. The Daily Click used to have tons of hobbyist games but now everyone's focusing on trying to make indie hits. You can't get a cross-platform runtime unless you convince the author of Chowdren that you're a "serious commercial developer".

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@LogicalDash How about worst shovel? In LttP Randomizer the shovel is basically only good for getting a different item. Will that other item be the Silver Arrows or just a rupee? Who knows but the shovel is basically superfluous

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