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Actually you know what, I'm going to upload some of my old Vines on here because the Vine app helpfully saved them to storage before actually uploading to Vine

Thinking about Vine and how I'd like to start making goofy looping clips again

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Labo seems like an interesting idea, but it doesn't look like there's much room for creativity. With something like Lego, you can improvise as you build. Here it seems like the extent of customization is coloring things. Would like to be wrong though.

In other news my Superfeather git repo on Github has reached 10 stars now, despite not being there for very long.

1. This has been pretty validating for me. It shows that people are interested in and care about the work I do.
2. It also shows that I have successfully found a niche for myself. Game engines? There are a lot of them. Game engines for the SNES? Not so much.

There's an annoying issue in @Tusky where it will only grab the posts from the last hour or so. This means that I miss out on everything that happened last night while I was asleep. It also means for example that I don't even get to see @APoD unless it gets boosted, even though I'm following that account.

hello mastodon, i released my first LP the other day. if you like electronic music and you like seeing trans women succeed then please listen and share it with your friends! every purchase helps me and my wife pay our bills.

eight pieces of minimalist meditation and transfeminine noisemagic

So I'd kinda like to try my hand at drawing the Chitter mascot for the sidebar. I think it might be fun!

Is there a ref anywhere I can use?

Lots of stuff coming to Switch now but I'm still waiting on Mario Maker...

Hoo boy, might have to make some API changes to Superfeather to add the extra metasprite functionality I want.

My cold is still pretty bad. Hoping it clears soon...

I have a goddamn cold with a clogged ear. That didn't sound muffled at all.

"By combining the YM2612 which handled this portion of the melody... it's a nice step up from the muffled Super NES version"

Sorry DigitalFoundry, I'm cutting you off there.

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