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There's no such thing as a "knowledge base," just a bunch of outdated articles assembled for someone to point to.

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April 1st @ 11AM, meet us at SCOTUS.
Cover up and bring a buddy.
Rally then march; anyone who wants to speak is welcome to.
Expect heavy Capitol Police presence. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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The worst thing you can do, as someone who has recently realized they are transfem, is to let terfs and transphobes convince you cis women will never accept you.

| was told that when I came out everyone would reject me. That I would find myself isolated from the world, and from other women especially, who would react to me with horror and revulsion.

In reality, within the first months of coming out, in no particular order:

My sister's reaction on my coming out was, "Right, so I have a sister instead of a brother. Cool. I'm taking you clothes shopping tomorrow."

A friend, when she learned I am a woman, immediately invited me to her women-only, girls-night-out birthday party the following week. Another friend, when a friend of hers expressed doubts about my gender, immediately shut them down and reaffirmed | am a woman.


Hi fedi, I may have forgotten you were on my phone for a bit lmao

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I love the term "software archaeology" because it implies the existence of subfields such as "software experimental archaeology" (attempting to reconstruct and demonstrate how people once built software) and "software paleoethnobotany" (quantifying what botanicals were culturally significant to software and the broader historic implications to the societies that wrote it), but also the existence of the broader field "software anthropology" and its offshoot "software sociology", and

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@nano it sucks that there isn't a digital out mod for it, but getting a good composite cable and adapter is probably a better bet

@nano honestly? I'd avoid it. I've been doing a lot of digging into it since I wanted to swap out my PS2, and the launch editions are just so prone to failure that it's not even funny. The yellow light of death isn't an if for em, it's a when. And there isn't too much you can do to fix it once it happens. On the PS3 subreddit a lot of people just recommend a having both a newer PS3 and a fat PS2 with the HDD expansion for game backups. That's what I ended up doing at least

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This resurfaced earlier. Once upon a time on Twitter, KA Applegate dropped into my feed to be a badass ally.

In case you need a YA author who’s not like the wizard terf lady.

Nintendo Direct 


@evie ayyyy glad 2 hear ur enjoying it! Her stuff is sooooo good. I'm always excited when other people get into it :3

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Btw if mastodon makes you nervous cause there's a lot of etiquette that seems expected of you, don't worry. Just ignore the mastodon cops. I do and nobody complains, and if they did I'd just block em

Post what you want when you want how you want. Make shitposts, post your terrible jokes, post 30 times a day about the project you're working on, post stream of consciousness or shower thoughts. If people don't like it they can unfollow or mute or block, but in my experience nobody cares and the mastodon cops are just buttmad that there's more people on here now and they can't control the tone of every conversation anymore

Edit: I love you all but I've muted this for my own sanity

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I know this is very deeply the #transfem side of Mastodon, but I've got to say: #transmen, specifically, give me an almost absurd amount of joy and delight. Trying to be a dude was *so* awful for me, and every single #trans guy friend I've ever met has just dived into that whole region with gusto and joy, and it's fucking *wonderful* to see the things they make out of masculinity.

I've got one friend, for instance, who basically lives in waistcoats and tophats, a nineteenth-century dandy out of time. I've got another who juggles his toddler daughter--the absolute apple of his eye--and his car maintenance business. Completely different, but god *damn* if they don't make masculinity every iota the celebration that femininity is for me.

So yeah. Just like--from the skirts, boobs, and eyeliner side of the gender pool, dudes, you're fucking amazing.

#ftm #mtf #transjoy

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Introducing a brand new in-development feature coming to Pretendo: Medals!

Medals are PlayStation Network/Xbox Live style trophies/achievements, but for the Wii U!

This feature is still HIGHLY experimental and in the infancy stages of development, do not expect any full release of this system for quite some time! (even you, testers!)

Creating these medals will take a lot of time to do for each game, as no games natively supported anything like this, so please be patient with the roll out and supported games. Not every game will be supported from the start (and some more complex games may never be supported)

We hope you all are just as excited for this new in-development feature as we are about making it! Again, do not expect any full release for medals any time soon, thank you all for your patience!

Join our Discord server to get all the latest updates!

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