#Introduction #Introductions
I'm a larger #wolftaur, friendly and warm! I work as a #sysadmin and run the Gulp Cafe, where we like #vore and to eat/be eaten. Online I identify as #altersex, male in form, with both sets of plumbing.
When it comes to my anatomy (some folks get very well acquainted) I have dexterous fore paws, and two stomachs, both in my #taur half.
I enjoy aspects of #aptophillia with being a taur, and more generally a world covered in fur.
I look forward to meeting you!

Oh yeah! #TeamNoPants
Pants do not belong on #taurs! Shirts, belts, even saddlebags are a-ok, but pants are out. We'll wear ponchos, togas, robes, whatever, but #NoPants! My #Naga #Lamia and #Mermaid friends all agree with me on this!

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