i dont actuallyt know how to make account private so

here i am, puppy broadcasting to the world

@Kaffe profile settings -> lock account

Also you can set post privacy to followers only, or unlisted.

@the_gayest_doggo oh just for each post i thought u could like change all of them even past ones

@Kaffe hmm. I dont know if thats possible. That change would have to federate.

@the_gayest_doggo like cuz ive seen accounts where u dont see any posts until u follow them

@Kaffe oh ive seen that too! I guess i dont know what that is...

@Kaffe @the_gayest_doggo They probably had 'followers only' as their default. Either that or they deleted all their old toots. There's no way to change the privacy of a toot other than deleting and remaking it.

You could totally lock your account and set followers only as your default, though! Both options are under settings.

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