so i learned about flemish giant rabbits and

XL bunny......

@Kaffe that looks like an enormous stuffed teddy bear oh my god

I want to hold one and hug it so much but I’m also afraid it’d be really heavy and I’d drop it….

@Kaffe oh my God I want that giant rabbit🐇🐰 NOW!

@Kaffe My love and I have been able to keep a string of Flemish giants and been thrilled with each of them. The ones we've had have been relaxed around humans, friendly in their way, and great for making everyone who visits the house talk about how big that bunny is.

@polychrome @Kaffe Ours have been 10 to 12 pounds, although one, when younger and able to leap all the way to the shelf with his pellets, got up to 14 pounds. Ours have been about two feet, nose to tail, when not stretched out. This is a bit small for the breed, but that's what you get from rescues. (One was rejected from a 4-H breeder as too small for show purposes.)

@Austin_Dern @Kaffe 4.5kg - 5.5kg is relatively heavy but not too bad! 0.6 meters is smaller than the photo but still surprisingly big and makes more sense for a house pet.

Small giant bun :blobheart:

@polychrome Yeah, ours have been small, but that's all right. And the photo composition can make them look very large. Like, the original photo has the rabbit held camera-front of the person's center, giving a bit of extra size.

Ah, here's one of our poor lost Columbo (he had an undiagnosed infection) sprawled out beside my feet. (And I'm a tall guy.)


So....does this Bunny officially count as a macro?

@Kaffe I've gone my whole life without knowing about these?! Thank you for remedying the situation :D

@Kaffe this is my favorite thing on the internet today. thank you so much 🥕🥕🥕

@Kaffe They are amazing. I saw one at a pet store once but the owner refused to sell him to my mom. 💜

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