which pride flag would be the best candy flavour

"rememebr when jesus gave a hot tamale to peter and he didnt like it and he puked"

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you ever notice your fidgeting and try and sit completely still and focus for a bit but your body just like physically feels like it's going to explode

then also you see some really old art from like 2010 and it's like "please can they update this already"

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it makes me appreciate playing them more because like

I can just go "hey I know the artist who did this one" based off the art style from a few I've seen, it's fun

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I really like seeing the league of legend artists post their like timelapse of them doing the art for character skins

I personally think any cishet man who plays ff14 should not be allowed to talk about it or chat in game

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like if you just added some bass notes and electronic noises to the new alliance raid's final boss theme it'd just be a sick dance song

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keeps things feeling exciting and unique with every new song they make and not just like. here's another Fantasy Song

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honestly the best thing about the music in ff14 is that theyre not afraid to play around with genres and implement bits from things you wouldn't expect

spider fact, lactation 

@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace @rockario give me your spilk, spidermommy

@kat it's hard describing any song in ff14 as "the best" cuz it implies other songs are worse but literally all of them are some of the best videogame music I've ever heard composed

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so, its the last week of being in the red before i get paid, and i could use a little help making this final stretch. I've got groceries and medical weed to try and cover so if you could pitch in anything, or boost this for me, that would be absolutely wonderful. I'm going to be giving back so hard when i'm through this 💚
my paypal is @averycrimes

They're like the closest I'll ever get to my ideal game where it's just a recreation of what really cool historical places were like in their prime

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