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kobold that instinctively extends their rear legs real far when you pat their butt like a cat

level 250 :)

to think I'd get here from that one time I installed the game, played one game and died, then uninstalled it, only to re-install it again like a year later

I have failed my first wordle cuz it was one of those ones where i have everything right but its just a 50/50 between which letter the last one is

extremely cursed steam game, nudity? 


the level 80 ninja top is so good

love the cute lil scarf, exposed shoulders = +100 points, shows ur abs

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would an animal even think black coffee is food or would they just be like "this is water that will kill me"

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setting the pot of coffee I just made outside in like -30c to try and cool it down quicker

I hope no like stray cats come and think it's a treat for them

I want fun games I can play all casual while watching a stream or something

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I want to normalize games having shitty sound again so you don't need to have like 5000 dollar headphones to be the best player, and you can listen to something in the background without losing a key part of interacting with the game

it is almost FEBRUARY why is there a live ladybug in my bed

I saw a video that just had a picture of jerry seinfeld while a song by the killers played in the background and just

I can never un-hear how the singer just sounds like seinfeld

The hardest part of putting the keycaps back on my keyboard after cleaning is figuring out which arrow key is which cuz they're all like the same thing printed but slightly different shaped

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