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So uh Art Raffle :D
How to enter-
Be following me (new followers always welcome!)
Like and retweet!
And comment a ref sheet of who you'd like me to draw the winner will get a fullbody!
If there's enough entries i may add a 2nd place!
It ends August 10th!
Examples of my art

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191. (cw: food) this one isn’t funny it just honestly changed my life

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If you're down on your luck and thinking about pirating ... Just contact me, chat for a bit, share your story. I'll give you a key.

Been seeing too many cracked copies of the game with malware packaged inside. I'd rather just give you the game.

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Disney is a horrible company and I'm tired of people worshipping it. Yes they've made good movies in the past but now they're either relying on nostalgia for their movies or writing a half-assed original movie with a million cliches twitter.com/gem_drill2/status/

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You've probably seen him already, meet Abram the Raven! He's got minky armwings, vinyl claws, a o underskull, and an Armor Foam beak! 🐦Follow him @TrustyTrus@twitter.com!

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i miss mindlessly scrolling through my vine TL and seeing this every day

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Old enough to remember when 2,100 people died on 9/11 and the country came to a standstill.

Now 1,400 people die a day and it’s business as usual?

Who are we. twitter.com/facesofcovid/statu

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I want to draw and game again. I want too see the people I love and care about.

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Pls for once in my life I want my hours cut so I can do my other passions. I'm so burnt out that I actively avoid being at the register

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Men that play only popular fps like cod or fortnight are fake gamer boys. twitter.com/GameSpot/status/12

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I can tag anyone who wants to play!! (Sowwy I know thats cheating)

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Five Facts:
πŸ’€ I havent tried a lot of veggies
πŸ’€ I have a large collection of stuffed animals
πŸ’€ I was in school bands for 8 years!
πŸ’€ I'm left handed
πŸ’€ I been in the furry fandom for over 10 years

me me chaotic neutral 😎

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I am Chaotic Neutral

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