Okay I don't approve of dogs chewing on raccoons but LOOK at this cute thing

Why is there a laptop with all the keycaps missing sitting on the trash can outside Wal-Mart

I want this laptop to tell me its story

I basically want someone to give this the One Step From Eden treatment and just steal the combat from this game and turn it into a roguelike or something

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Finished Neo:TWEWY on Hard after 60 hours. Such mixed feelings on this one; I absolutely love the combat, and love getting new abilities constantly, and especially love getting to experiment with different sets to see what does and doesn't work. The story EXHAUSTED me. God it could have been condensed so much; there was just so much filler. You know you're in trouble when you literally hit a "seven mysteries" chapter

And even "New Nintendo 3DS" because that's not confusing at all

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What was with that weird period where Nintendo stopped coming up with names for their games

"Super Smash Bros for Wii U"
"Mario Kart 7"
"New Super Mario Bros"

Got some sugary raccoon treats at the store too

🦝 "I'll just help myself thanks"

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huh, saw a freight truck that was using the old Kojima Productions (Foxhound) logo for their trucking company

I wonder if anyone knew it's a nerd thing or if it was just a convenient vector they found

The browser responsiveness is night and day, it's so, so much faster than it was under Windows, and all the web app stuff runs great

And Proton via Steam is promising, I got a good handful of super lightweight games to run with no hiccups; WINE seems really impressive

I guess it took me this long to become a convert but I will definitely be putting an Ubuntu partition on my desktop for when I need a distraction-free environment

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So I out Ubuntu on this ancient, useless core i3 laptop so I could at least use it for RetroArch or whatever

Oh my god why is it so good? Why is Ubuntu so good? Why have I never given Linux a fair shake until now???

She ate (dry cat food), groomed herself, waded in the pool a bit, and took a little nap ;w; She's still really comfy hanging out here. I hope she brings some bitty raccoonlings again this year!

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Aaaa mama raccoon from last year came back tonight I'm so happy ;w;

So apparently the technology exists to take a Twitch stream of a 3D game and treat it kinda like a Google Street View car and map out the game's world in realtime

The function being that viewers can watch the stream while freely moving around the world and potentially even interacting within it

This is wild stuff


It's really great that Sonic the Hedgehog's long lost brother, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, has his own series now

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NFTs, ++++++ 

NFT sales plummet 92% as market ‘collapses’


NFT: No Fucking Thanks™

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