What the heck is up with the favorite button on this one post?

Kisekae furry art; slightly lewd; kink (tickling) 

Furry kisekae art; lewd; nsfw; bondage; nude 

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh new commission is here!! 💕

This one is by

I may need to make an avatar from this~

Kisekae furry art; nude; lewd 

Kisekae furry art; nude; bdsm; quite lewd 

*hums Green Hill Zone music, already thinking about another commission...*

Nsfw (but pretty tasteful really?) furry art; bondage 

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon spoilers; mastodex 

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon spoilers; mastodex 

Ahahaha~ It me! But who will be my Stufful?

My first choice would have been Emolga, which is my favorite Pokémon, but I'm ridiculously happy with Bewear representing me!

Lewd kisekae art; nudity; sex toys; furry 

Hey what does this option d-- Ahhhh no get 'em off!!!

Lewd implied 

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