is the comma thing just endemic to europe?

do people in asia use a comma or a period?

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oh yeah, another thing: i use my phone in swedish. i can't use my american banking apps because americans use a period and every non-english speaking country i've lived in uses a comma.

so the numbers are just... wrong. not even close. like the app doesn't really know what to do

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on the text boxes that don't understand the comma in "1,25", i have to reach over to the period on the keyboard in order to get the number i want

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example: i go to a swedish university. i use unreal engine. unreal engine isn't available in swedish, but it understands the computer uses a swedish number format.

on the numpad, there's a comma instead of a decimal. some text boxes accept "1,25", while others do not.

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one thing i've never understood about the non-english speaking countries i've been in: why do you say 1,25 instead of 1.25.

this is especially annoying when using a computer

are we human
or are we catboy
my sign is vital
my hands are paws

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tbh i'm basically mute, the only person i really talk to irl is icky (unless it's out of necessity)

i'm pretty reserved actually

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i've got a scar from surgery on my throat, which is really good for pretending i'm mute when drunken strangers approach me in public

holy shit guys we just got several apartment offers

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πŸ”« go watch all 25 (eon) james bond films right now

i was gonna say idk if i like the spy who loved me or moonraker more but

the spy who loved me just drips with that 70s aesthetic and we love it for that

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also just finished watching moonraker and it's. actually one of my favourite movies

registration in the apartment is now closed! wish us luck 🀞🀞

we might go back but i'm still an eu citizen (i'm german) with a swedish ssn

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there are some things i miss about seattle (top pot and the link and round1)

but i'm kind of living the dream as a full-time artist and i'm finally going to college (to get my bachelor's in art for game development) and i have free healthcare

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things are very hard right now but holy fuck we're in sweden

what's all this talk about guid partition table lately???

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