When you start Crusader Kings II as an unassuming count and two hundred years of marriage and murder later, the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Castile are being ruled by different members of your dynasty

apocalyptic fiction, ukpol adjacent 

This panel aged particularly well.

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Scott Adams never recovered from being roasted by Pinkie Pie

There's a bronze statue in called 'Waiting' that commemorates the thousands of horses that worked in the city's streets and docks throughout history. It's right outside the Museum of Liverpool.

Slay the Spire (+) 

Managed to completely break Slay the Spire as The Defect, thanks to a combination of overpowered relics (Frozen Core, Molten Egg, Inserter) and two focus potions, resulting in gaining 60 block every single turn. Literally untouchable.

Can't believe The Simpsons ripped off my fursona 19 years before I created him

Finally started watching the Sam & Max cartoon. This happens 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the very first episode.

AI generated images of horses 

I tried describing my fursona to the the funny AI image generator and these were the least horrifying results

Suddenly wondered what my [[Government Assigned Fursona]] would look like wearing Spamton's glasses

I found the My First Telegram toy at the local charity shop

Suddenly remembered this photo of an incredible magazine cover which was seemingly put together by Alan Partridge

Hardly anyone talks about the time Mario and Luigi met "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

out-of-context comic panel, kink joke, horse 

Supergirl accidentally discovers that her horse is into wax play

Nobody Saves The World was released earlier today. You can transform into a horse, so it's already a strong contender for Game of the Year

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